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Alon Gontowski (exec. pastry chef who set the Guinness World Record for largest wedding cake)
Jessica Scott (exec. pastry chef who was a featured chef at the James Beard House)
Andra Chisholm (head baker who single-handedly makes desserts at Daytona State College’s restaurant/cafe)
Paul Conti (NY pastry chef turned general mgr. who started as a naval chef on a submarine)
J: Nancy, Damaris & Emily Schuman (lifestyle expert/blogger)

This show tapes on the “Triple G” set.

Dessert Dollars: 19
Andra: Fried Bananas Foster w/ vanilla I.C.
Jessica: Banana chocolate taquitos w/ cheesecake panna cotta
Alon: Baked Bananas Foster
Paul: Pecan pie empanada
C-O- Alon

Dessert Rush: 20 min.
Jessica: Chocolate chip microwave cake w/ a stout Zabaglione
Paul: Chocolate chip cookie trifle
Andra: Passion fruit sponge cake & an avocado mango I.C.- C-O

Gumballer: PORK RINDS
Paul: Triple-decker I.C. sandwich
Jessica: Pork rind I.C. waffle sandwich
W- Jessica


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