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“Ca$h Cab” 7/14/11

G1: Alexander & Lou (Carmine’s)(BtG: 44)

#1: What aptly-named hit by Elton John served as the space shuttle crew’s wake-up call during a ’07 mission?
MSO: Rhona (Lou’s wife)
“Rocket Man”
#2: Named for founder Jerry Murrell & his four sons, what VA-based hamburger chain famously hosted President Obama in ’09?
#3: Once the home of Winston Churchill, what London address is Britain’s answer to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.?
10 Downing St.
#4: In 2010 the Earth’s axis shifted by as much as three in. due to the 8.8 earthquake in what South American country?

#1: Similar to x-rays, what type of electromagnetic radiation did French chemist Paul Villard discover in 1900?
Gamma rays
RLC: Prior to the Obama administration, only four Supreme Court justices have NOT been white men- name ALL four.
Thomas, Marshall X (Others: O’Connor & Ginsburg)
#2: What sun-blocking style of helmet’s named for the vascular plant tissue once used to make it?
Mushroom (A: Pith)
FQ: What social-networking application allows you to keep tabs on your friend’s location?
FA: Foursquare ($1K)

DR: Carey (woman)(112th & Broadway)(BtG: 34)

#1: What stored soap opera was abbrev. “ATWT”?
“As the World Turns”
#2: Published by the Feminist Majority Foundation, what publication billed itself as “More than a magazine– a movement”?
Ms. Magazine
#3: Acc. to its website, what co.’s iconic airships are seen firsthand by 60M Americans per yr.?
#4: What European river originates in the Black Forest & empties into the Black Sea?
MSO: Julie
Caspian Sea (A: Danube)

#1: NOT just the birthplace of Bill Clinton, what upbeat AR town also bills itself as “Watermelon capital of the world”?
#2: Created by children’s author Jean de Brunhoff, what fictional elephant has been criticized by some as a symbol of Imperialist oppression?
#3: Acc. to ehow.com, what device can be created by floating a magnetized needle in a teacup of water?
#4: Once known for carrying canes on the street, what CA gang originated a CONTROVERSIAL dance called the “C-Walk”?

Sole $400 Q: In astrology, what’s the general term for the invisible boundary that divides two signs of the zodiac?
FA: Cusp ($1.5K)

G3: Mark, Jamie & Joe (Broome St.)(BtG: 43)


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