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OR: FS/RL/Razor’s Edge/RJ/I-Beam Gap/WW

Overall Top 30:
#1: Anthony (2:31.17)
#2: Joe M. (2:32.77)
#3: Sean N. (2:40.71)
#4: Dan G. (3:13.66)
#5: James M. (3:22.1)
#6: Najee (3:28.58)
#7: Judas Licciardello (auctioneer in NJ)(3:31.52)
#8: Michael T. (3:44.7)
#9: Mike B. (3:47.59)
#10: Chris D. (4:01.02)
#11: Jamie (4:13.96)
#12: Jesse L. (4:22.06)
#13: Tyler C. (4:27.78)
#14: Allyssa (6:20.32)
#15: Matthew Ilgenfritz (construction worker)(stopped by WW at 2:16.36)
#16: Jon Alexis, Jr. (stopped by I-Beam Gap at 1:02.02)
#17: Mike Myers (engineer in PA)(stopped by I-Beam Gap at 1:30.28)
#18: Cory Cook (U.S. postal worker)(stopped by I-Beam Gap at 1:49.28)
#19: Derek Mathews (graphic design student)(stopped by I-Beam Gap at 2:06.33)
#20: Naeem Mulkey (pharmaceutical sales rep in Maineville, OH)(stopped by I-Beam Gap at 2:07.04)
#21: Samer Delgado (acrobat)(stopped by I-Beam Gap at 2:14.53)
#22: Mark Ribeiro (fitness instructor in NY)(stopped by I-Beam Gap at 2:24.22)
#23: Alexi Matousek (cardiothoracic surgeon in BOS)(stopped by I-Beam Gap at 2:24.28)
#24: Kevin Weng (IT consultant)(stopped by I-Beam Gap at 2:25.22)
#25: Patrick Lavanty (chef)(stopped by I-Beam Gap at 2:37.2)
#26: Steve Allen (police officer)(stopped by I-Beam Gap at 2:41.21)
#27: Jonathan Angelilli (Tai Chi instructor)(stopped by I-Beam Gap at 2:44.05)
#28: Mike Shuck (ES teacher)(stopped by I-Beam Gap at 2:45.66)
#29: Fabio Figueiredo (barber)(stopped by I-Beam Gap at 2:56.41)
#30: Daniel Arnold (stopped by I-Beam Gap at 3:05.56)

Also Amongst Top Five Females:
#3: Tori Clement (fitness coach)(stopped by RJ at 1:22.23)
#4: Michelle W. (stopped by RJ at 1:28.19)
#5: Annika Nieshalla (nursing student in West Milford, NJ who nearly got one of her arms amputated)(stopped by RJ at 1:35.02)

Notable Also-Rans:
PJ Walsh (comedian in Brewster, NY who’s had problems w/ the logs the past two seasons): RE
Ryan Blaney (NASCAR driver): RE
Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. (also a NASCAR driver): RJ
Chris Warnky (Michelle’s dad): RE


Comments on: "“American Ninja Warrior” 7/10/17" (3)

  1. Dalton Higbee said:

    Surprised Cassie Craig, Anna Christensen, Brittany Reid and Rachael Goldstein did not make it to the City Finals.

  2. Dalton Higbee said:

    Due to the I Beam Gap causing some problems, there were only 14 finishers and the slowest fastest qualifying time finish so far.

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