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Deal #1: The Dilemmas
Given Up 1st: FRUITCAKE- $1300
#3- Snowboarding gear
Given Up 2nd: BB- VG rm. ($2,900)
Passed Up Last: SE- 5n at Coral Sea RESORT ($13,692)

GFaS: Alyse & Kalyse
C (#3): Honda Civic

Snow angels & snowman: SNOWMAN$
Candy canes & cookies: CANDY CANESX
The Abominable Snowman & THE GRINCH: THE GRINCH$
Z’s REMOVED: #3 & #10$400

Riggios’ FD D: RB4n at Zephyr Cove Lodge ($4,602)(Close-up of #3: Ram truck)
Thomases’ FD D: GB (getting dolled up)- $4K American Girl SS


DFEO: Crystal & Claudia & Daniel & Mark
R1: #2- Game rm.
R2: $1K (#1)- Scooters + $3K
FD (SE): Crystal & Claudia- Christmas card

FH: Roys
C (#3): Chevrolet Trax
P: #2
ST (CURTAIN #1): Apple elec.
#2$300 (#1: $500/#3: $400)

Baronscloters’ FD D: BB- Trip to Livingstone Jon Thiel Resort Curacao Villas & Apartments


SD (#1): Natural History Museum Los Angels County pkg. ($3,248)
MD (#2): Craft rm.
BD (#3): Jeep Patriot + EVERYTHING ELSE- W (the reveals were done old-school)

A family of three (all male) were able to show Tiffany some fishing bait for $200.


Comments on: "“Let’s Make a Deal”- CHRISTMAS IN JULY ’17" (1)

  1. Ismael Gomez said:

    Good episode. But no car winner on but the jeep was won at the big deal. That is going to wrapped up the season. Some episodes had the big deal knocked out right off the bat. 4 big deal shutouts which is less than last season and one of them had all 5 small deal wins. What do you say, Ant1988?
    Grade: B+
    Weekly Grade: B-

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