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DEBUT: “Candy Crush”

Representing “Big Brother”: Frankie & Caleb & Da’Vonne & Paul
Representing “Survivor”: Joe & Kelley & Jeremy & Woo

Qualifying Rd. (“Jelly Time”): W/ the teammates being connected to a candy cane, all 12 jelly icons have to be cleared. The first team to do it gets to play one of the four King-Sized Challenges.
W- Jeremy & Woo

King-Sized Challenges Available:
Candy Cart: During gameplay, both members of a team have to steer around on a cart.
Sugar Swing: Both teammates are in the air- one teammate steers a swing, while the other makes the matches using a pole.
The Balloon: One teammate floats up against the wall as their partner holds them up by hanging onto a rope.
Spin Cycle: Both teammates face in opposite directions on the same line & spin around.

Each challenge has a two-min. time limit; however, making certain combos will add time bonuses (just like the actual game). The top two-scoring teams will advance to the $100K championship rd.

Jeremy & Woo: Sugar Swing- 32

QR #2 (“Candy Toss”): One teammate has to toss a piece of candy into a bucket (Mario missed his inspiration toss) & the other then has to match that certain candy on the board. A team wins when they match four.
W- Da’Vonne & Paul

Da’Vonne & Paul: The Balloon- 16

QR #3 (“Licorice Maze”): A piece of candy’s hidden behind a licorice lock & matches have to be made surrounding that candy. After that, they have to run through three licorice walls before tagging their teammate to do both tasks.
W- Joe & Kelley

Joe & Kelley: Candy Cart- 45
Frankie & Caleb: Spin Cycle- 26

ULTIMATE CANDY CLASH: On the horizontal wall, teammates have to match up candies to get a key down to the bottom. As soon as they pick up that key, they have to unlock their team’s joystick, which controls their partner on that vertical wall. 50 matches on the vertical wall = $100K. Along the way, each team can use one of these boosters:
Candy Cloud: A bubblegum troll clouds up their opponents’ wall for :10.
Double Delicious: A yeti makes a team’s matches worth double, but only for :10.
Miracle Match: A character named Tiffany makes three matches on their team’s behalf.

Joe & Kelley: Double Delicious- WASTED
Jeremy & Woo: Candy Cloud
W- Joe & Kelley


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