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“Ca$h Cab” 7/13/11

G1: Michelle, Michael & Richard (3rd between 44th & 45th)(BtG: 40)

#1: In geometric terms, what iconic piece of American sporting goods can be described as a prolate spheroid w/ pointed ends?
#2: Also a ’91 Ron Howard movie, what dangerous phenomenon occurs during a fire when fresh oxygen sweeps into an airtight room?
#3: Derived from the Latin for “filter”, what brewing device LOST steam in the ’70s due to the popularity of the automatic-drip coffeemaker?
#4: Despite their name, WWII’s fabled Flying Tiger Pilots painted their planes to resemble what aquatic animal?

#1: Invented by Paul Fisher, what trademarked writing utensil employs a pressurized ink cartridge for use in zero gravity?
Space Pen
#2: W/ the stock ticker MFE, what software security co. accidentally DISABLED thousands of PCs w/ a ’10 update?
RLC: As of ’10, only seven stars in history have earned nine or more OSCAR nominations for acting- name four.
Meryl Streep, Katharine Hepburn, Jack Nicholson & Laurence Olivier (Leftovers: Bette Davis, Spencer Tracy & Paul Newman)
FQ: American Charles Hatfield was paid thousands to perform what meteorological feat?
FA: Making it rain ($1450)

G2: Annie, Abbey & Faber (51st & 9th)(BtG: 46)
LOST $350

G3: Two Dans, Nathaniel & James (Tortilla Flats)(BtG: 40)

#1: Written by Hans Christian Andersen, what famous fairy tale featured a monomaniacal monarch dressed in his birthday suit?
The Emperor’s New Clothes
#2: In the first battle of the Revolutionary War, the British conquered Lexington but fled from what other MA town?
#3: What area code’s assigned to Brevard County, FL?
#4: Originating w/ British bakers in the 1920s, what off-road style of racing puts the “MX” in BMX?
RLC: Acc. to a ’09 Forbes survey, The Big Apple’s one of the world’s 10 most stylish cities; name seven of the other nine.

London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Los Angeles, San Francisco & Rome (Not needed: Barcelona & Madrid)

#1: When LOCKED UP in 1801, what INFAMOUS French author was diagnosed as living in a state of Libertine Dementia?
Marquis de Sade
#2: Now housed in The Louvre, Hammurabi’s Code was a famous set of laws that governed what ancient empire?
#3: A maker of high-end tires, what Italian co. has produced a covered pin-up calendar since 1960?
FQ: Meaning “three lobes” in Greek, what extinct arthropods are immortalized in fossils from the Paleozoic era?
Triceratops (A: Trilobites)

VB: Known for their colorful feet, these seabirds were once easy prey for hungry shipwrecked sailors. W/ a name that begs for juvenile humor, what’s this clumsy variety of bird?
FA: Booby ($2900)


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