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G1: Chris, Meg & Nathaniel (46th & 3rd)(BtG: 32)

#1: In its darker versions, what fairy tale ended when the children of Hamelin were lured away & DROWNED in a river?
The Pied Piper
#2: Acc. to the San Diego Zoo, what two commonly-confused reptiles can be told apart by checking if their snouts are U-shaped or V-shaped?
Crocodile & alligator
#3: Orig. known as the “Danger Hiptop”, what slang smartphone was reintroduced by T-Mobile in ’11?
RAZR (A: Sidekick)
#4: AUTOCAD is an essential tool for digital drafters- what type of software puts the “CAD” in AUTOCAD?
MSO: Adam (Meg’s boyfriend)
Computer-assisted design (A: Computer-aided design)

#1: Named for a town in Italy’s Po Valley, what variety of rice’s traditionally used to make risotto?
RLC: On its website, Kellogg’s offers merchandising related to six of its iconic cereal brands- name five of the cereals.
FROSTED FLAKES, RICE KRISPIES, FROOT LOOPS, Corn Flakes & Special K (Leftover: Honey Smacks)
#2: What famous brand of Castille soap comes wrapped up in the philosophical musings of its eccentric founder?
Dr. Bronner’s
FQ: What co-founder of WIKIPEDIA has a last name that’s also the name of a country?
FA: (Jimmy) Wales ($1250)

G2: Dory, Jessica, Joe & Andrew (Delancey)(BtG: 37)

DR: Joe (95th)(BtG: 40)

#1: What national newspaper regularly runs colorful infographics known as “Snapshots”?
#2: What Civil War General was nicknamed “Unconditional Surrender” in 1862?
#3: The Federation Credit was the basic monetary unit in what long-running sci-fi franchise?
#4: Providing celebrity scoop since ’05 (& now having its own TV show), what website alludes to the legendary 30-mile zone that surrounds HOLLYWOOD?

#1: Known as the “Three Sisters”, a trio of bridges named for Roberto Clemente, Andy Warhol & Rachel Carson span the Allegheny in what U.S. city?
#2: Introduced in ’76, what iconic ATARI arcade game required you to use a bouncing ball to bust through multiple rows of bricks?
MSO: Sister Sharon
FQ: What ’80s pastel cartoon critters battled a mad scientist named Professor Coldheart?
FA: “Care Bears”

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