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“The Wall” 7/6

T: Delvar & Bonnie (Bloomington, IL)

#1: Which member of One Direction debuted as a solo artist w/ the single “Pillow Talk”- Zayn Malik or Harry Styles?
Harry25K/1 (JUST R OF THAT)/5K (R)
#2: Purplesaurus Rex & Rock-a-Dile Red were two colorful flavors of which beverage- Kool-Aid or Capri-Sun?
Kool-Aid– 100 (L)/25K/5K (R)
#3: Over 15 times the height of Niagara Falls, Angel Falls is located on which continent- North America or South America?
North– 5K (L)/TWO IN 10K (L)
#4: Gillian Anderson played which FBI special agent on “The X-FILES”- Mulder or Scully?
Scully– 5K (L)/10 (L)/1 (JUST L OF 25K)
#5: The classic Christmas song “Jingle Bells” mentioned a sleigh pulled by how many horses- one or two?
One– 100 (L)/10 (R)/5K (R) = $15,221

R2 Freebies (#7 & #5): 10 (L)/1 (FURTHEST R)

#1 (#4): The Eiffel Tower was designed by the engineer Gustave Eiffel, who also designed part of which of these other structures- Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty or Empire State Building?
Empire State Building (A: Statue of Liberty)- 100 (L)
#2 (#6- DOUBLE): Autumn foliage is a beautiful & colorful reminder that Winter’s on its way. The breakdown in which substance gives us the changing colors in the leaves- chlorophyll, melanin or pectin?
Chlorophyll– 25K/1 (JUST NEXT TO IT)
#3 (#5- TRIPLE): In “National Lampoon’s Animal House”, John Belushi’s character was a member of a fraternity whose name began w/ which Greek letter- Alpha, Delta or Lambda?
Alpha (A: Delta)- 10 (R)/100 (R)/1 (FURTHEST R)
End-of-R2 Deductions: 10K/250K

R3 Freebies:
#6- 400K
#3- 10 (R)
#7- SAME 10
#1- 100K = $500,020

#1 (#2): In the classic children’s novel Charlotte’s Web, which of the following adjectives did Charlotte NOT weave into her web to describe Wilbur- brilliant, humble, radiant or terrific?
Radiant (A: Brilliant)- 200K
#2 (#6- DOUBLE): What does the L in Samuel L. Jackson’s name stand for- Leroy, Lionel, Leonard or Lando?
Lando (A: Leroy)- 10 (L)/400K
#3 (#7- TRIPLE): Astronaut Scott Kelly returned to Earth in 2016 after orbiting the planet about 5,440 times aboard the International Space Station at a speed of over 17K mph. How many consecutive days did he spend in space, setting an American record- 140, 240, 340 or 440?
340– 1 (IN BETWEEN 300/400K)/500K/1 (FURTHEST R)

End-of-R3 Deductions:
#6- 10 (L)
#3- 100K
#7- 100 (L)
#1- 100 (R) = $399,792- $55,221 CONTRACT SIGNED


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