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M-U: Speegles v. Tolberts (Asya, Denise, Willie, Christine & Sonja)

R1: It’s 2AM- name something you do so your guests get the hint the party’s OVER:

#4: Go to bed (15)(Janice)
#5: Turn off lights (9)(Asya)

Speegles: Say “bye” (T2- 17), clean up (TA- 21), call cops, tell ’em there’s another party, yawn (T2), usher ’em out the door
Asya Steal: Shut music off- #6 (6)(BA: Undress/change- 5)

R2: Name a place where wives arrange to meet the other man:

#1: Hotel (35)(Denise)

Tolberts: Park (#4- 9), restaurant (#3- 18), mall/stores (BA- 3), own house, car & bar (21)- SWEEP

Double: Name a god-given gift you wish god had given you:

#1: Musical talent (23)(Willie)

Tolberts: Dancing skills, health/ability to heal (T3- 8), athletic ability, ability to grow limbs
Janice Steal: Artist

#2: Smarts/wisdom (11)
T3: $/rich parents
#5: Brangelina’s looks (6)
BA: Sexy, silky hair (4)

TRIPLE: Name something airline passengers do during a flight that they hope their pilot DOESN’T do:

#1: Sleep (51)(Christine)

Tolberts: Watch movies, text, get up and walk around
Janice Steal to Stay Alive: Drink- #2 (36)

#3: Join Mile High Club (5)
BA: Read (3)

SD: Name a kind of candy people eat by the mouthful.
Seth: m&ms (89)

#1: How long does it take the avg. man to put on a tie?
#2: Something seen at bullfights.
#3: Something people lick.
#4: What’s the favorite day of the wk. for sleeping in?
#5: A place where you see a lifeguard.

Janice: 10 min. (6), cape (19), popsicles (38), Sat. (35) & beaches (50)
Jill: Two min. (13), matador (28), lollipops (37), Sun. & pools (JACKPOT NOW: $120K)
Unsaid #1s: Five min. & bulls


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