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This was the start of the first Big Money Tournament in the current era, sponsored by PCH. Eight families from Steve’s first two seasons who won little to no money returned. The jackpot started at $40K. The R-U would receive $20K.

M-U: Ritchies v. Joneses (Arin, Alexis, Chauvon, Ashley & Madeline)

R1 (married women): Name something that husbands do that takes the fun out of marriage:

#5: Cheat (8)(Shiela)
X- Sex (Arin)

Ritchies: Sleep, watch TV/sports (TA- 34), always wanting to be right, fart (BA- 5), cheap
Arin Steal: Work too much- #3 (13)

#2: Complain/nag (15)
#4: Snore (10)

R2: Name something a woman might fall out of:

#1: Love (54)(Patty)
#4: Chair (7)(Alexis)

Ritchies: Bed (#3- 11), cheese, money, dress/top/bra (#2- 12), shoes/heels (T5- 3), shower/bathtub
Arin Steal #2: Friendship (T5: Hammock/BA: Favor/grace)

Double: Tell me something that rhymes w/ “kick it”:

#3: Pick it/picket (17)(Joni)
#4: Ticket (13)(Chauvon)

Ritchies: Ricket, zip it, lick it (#2- 28), thicket
Arin Steal #3: Stick it- #1 (30)(BA: Flick it- 4)

TRIPLE: Name something that’ll get soft if it’s left out for too long:

#2: I.C. (36)(Marcia)

Ritchies: Butter (TA- 41), JELL-O, man’s wiener, frozen food
Arin Steal to W or L: Chocolate/candy (#3: Cheese- 8/BA: Banana- 3)

#1: Acc. to married women on the scale, how tight of a leash do you keep on your husband?
#2: Name the part of your body that needs the most exercise.
#3: Something that people catch.
#4: A part of the body that men put cologne on.
#5: A face card in a deck of cards.

Patty: 9 (8), stomach (34), ball (14), neck (45) & Ace
Joni: 7, butt (5), fish (41), arms & King (55)(JACKPOT NOW: $60K)
Unsaid #1s: 1/3 & leg/stomach


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