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M-U: Hutchinsons v. Rioses

R1: Name something that sports teams do to players that husbands wish they could do to their wives:

#1: Slap their butts (31)(Eddie)

Rioses: Hug, tackle/sack (#3- 13), fire/trade (#2- 18), high-five, take out to eat
Brent Steal: Pay fines

#4: Bench ’em (6)
BAs: Pay ’em & train/work ’em out (5 a pop)

R2: Name a fruit or vegetable a woman might hollow out & use to make a bra:

#4: Grapefruit (5)(Brad)
X- Tomato (Papo)

Hutchinsons: Coconut (TA- 63), watermelon (#3- 8), cantaloupe (#2- 13), pineapple, orange (#5- 4), melon & apple
Eddie Steal: Pear (Unsaid: Squash- 2)

Double: Name something a man gives his mom to please her:

#1: Flowers/dandelions (27)(Kinnzon)

Hutchinsons: $ (BA- 7), candy, car, hugs/kisses (#4- 8), love (OTHER BA), card
Eddie Steal #2: Grandkids- T2 (20)(Not given: Phone calls/attention)

TRIPLE: Name something people might do less of once they start having kids:

#2: Sweeten the sheets (20)(Kyler)
#3: Sleep/relax (6)(Tito)
X- Vacations (Iggy III) & work (Jay)

Hutchinsons: Going out (TA- 62), time w/ spouse/mate, hanging out w/ friends & spending on themselves (5)

#1: According to women on the scale, how comfortable are you walking around NAKED?
#2: What do Presidents do after they retire?
#3: A food you cook at a campfire.
#4: Something you’d HATE to run out of while you’re showering.
#5: A type of jewel you’d see in a crown.

Brad: 6, hunting (4), s’mores (3), soap/shampoo (46) & ruby (30)
Brent: 3 (15), golf (16), soup, water (45) & diamond (43)(JACKPOT NOW: $80K)
Unsaid #1s: 1, write book/memoir & hot dogs


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