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“Ca$h Cab” 7/8/11

DR: Ed Frye & Cheryl Thader-Frye (3rd & 51st)(BtG: 48)

#1: Also a classic ’60s song by Little Eva, what term refers to the act of self-propulsion by an animal?
#2: In ’08 Barack Obama personally apologized to what former First Lady for making a crack about her & seances?
Clinton (A: Reagan)
#3: Omitting references to Duff beer, the Arabic adaptation of what TV comedy features Omar Shamshoon & his son Badr?
#4: Known as a Terp at the Univ. of Maryland, what variety of turtle was a standard soup ingredient in the 1800s?

#1: Taking a stand against sexism, the city of Sacramento decided to rename what circular street fixtures in 1990?
Stoplights (A: Manholes)

G2: Andrew & Carolyn (Bedford & Grove)(BtG: 47)

#1: Not to be confused w/ the study of makeup, what science’s defined by the NASA as the study of structure & changes in the present universe?
#2: Acc. to the survival experts at discovery.com, “Float, don’t kick” is the best advice for someone mired in what viscous natural hazard?
RLC: Acc. to AskMen.com, the 10 most popular candy bars include m&ms & Milky Way- name five of the other eight.
SNICKERS, Kit-Kat, Baby Ruth, HERSHEY’S & X (Others: Butterfinger, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, 3 Musketeers & Oh Henry!)
#3: Controversially granted to China in 1979, what coveted trade status is abbrev. MFN?
Most favored nation
#4: Acc. to the Mayo Clinic, the most common transplant surgery in the U.S. features the replacement of what eye tissue?

#1: Meaning “land between the rivers” in Greek, what ancient region roughly corresponds w/ modern-day Iraq?
#2: Indicating high-alcohol content, what’s the term for the clear rivulets that form on the inside of a wine glass?
MSO: Tom
FQ: Meaning “two names” in Latin, what’s the term for an algebraic expression such as “2X + 3Y”?
FA: Binomen (A: Binomial)($1K)

G3: Connor, Gabby, Karen & Sarah (The Hudson Hotel)(BtG: 37)

#1: Also an all-female ’80s band, what bracelet-like ornaments are traditionally worn by South Asian women after marriage?
#2: Referring to its former name Orchard Field, what bustling Midwestern airport uses the baggage code ORD?
#3: Named for its shovel-wielding underground hero, what classic arcade game spawned a knockoff named “Zig Zag”?
“Dig Dug”
#4: Introduced by GM in ’10, the tagline “It’s more car than electric” describes what high-profile Chevrolet plug-in hybrid?

#1: Featuring a whitewashed fence w/ donors’ names, a Hannibal, MO museum marks the childhood home of what author?
Mark Twain
RLC: Acc. to research co. Millward Brown, Google was the most valuable global brand of ’10. Name four other brands that made the top seven.
Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Microsoft & IBM (Leftovers: Apple & Marlboro)
#2: Founded in a Wake Forest dorm room, what comedy website originally urged parents & anyone over 32 to exit?
#3: What egg-laying Australian mammal has 10 sex chromosomes, venom in its feet & electrical field detectors in its bill?
FQ: A symbolic point of NO return, what short Italian river did Julius Caesar cross in 49 B.C. as an act of war?

VB: You’re looking at the ruins of Persepolis, the capital that was mercilessly looted by Alexander the Great in 330 B.C. Once known as the “Richest City Under The Sun”, the ancient remnants of this metropolis lie in the Fars province of what nation?
FA: Iran ($3300)


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