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“Id!ottest” 7/5/17

BT: Garnett & Faly
GT: Sydney & Sams (13-yr.-old twins, but NOT of the same gender)

BT: Where’s the crane?
T ($240): The one for construction
GT: Who really keeps their students on their toes- swimming teacher, science teacher, English teacher or ballet teacher?
T ($180): Ballet teacher
BT: DON’T touch the green word, touch the red world
FOUND FOR $100 ($340)
GT: Find the marble
T ($220): Marble table ($400)

Garnett: Which one most likely has all the winning numbers?
T ($200): BINGO ball tumbler ($540)
Sams: What does the butcher weigh?
Faly: What did one tree say to the other tree?
T ($125): “Don’t leaf me!” (A: “NOTHING” as in “NOTHING LASTS FOREVER”)
Sydney: She took a bite from one of these foods- which one?
T ($350): Grapes ($1150)

#1: Touch the LEAST famous of these manmade objects
Garnett ($750): Leaning Tower of Pisa
Sydney ($800): Bench ($1950)
#2: Which one’s FED up?
Faly ($1.5K): DEF ($2040)
Sams ($1K): W ($2950)

SM: Logically (given JAY, KAYE & ELLE), which person below should be in the lineup above- FAYE, KATE, JO or EM?
Sydney (:32): EM
Sams (:06): KATE ($3950)

BT: Courtney & Kelly
GT: Davin & Sam

Ladies: Who’s laying down?
T ($80): The lady who was about to lay down on a blanket
Gentlemen: If you’re going to use ALL of these hair products, which should you NOT put on first?
T ($160): Shower cap
Ladies: Where she drops her chip on the PLUNKO board, where will it most likely end up?
T ($20): 500 slot on the left that was already occupied (A: The two pegs just underneath her chip)
Gentlemen: The word search’s almost complete! Touch the remaining word on the list
T ($60): MONEY ($220)

Kelly: Which food’s a fraction of the PRICE- RICE, COUSCOUS or OATS?
T ($25): OATS
Davin: Which one saw cuts?
Courtney: Touch the one that’s NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT blue
SKY PRESSED FOR $225 ($305)
Sam: What SHOULDN’T be in this picture?
T ($275): The Moon in the sky (because they were already on The Moon)($495)

#1: Which poster’s on her left?
Kelly ($650): MISSED
Davin ($600): SOLVED ($1095)
#2: Which one has a broken heart?
Sam ($100): Photo #4 w/ a man
Courtney ($1.5K): Photo #3 w/ heart balloon on ground (A: Photo #2 w/ “LUSH EARTH FLORIST” on ribbon)

SM: Logically, given the shapes that could fit in the numbers 6, 0 & 8, what number completes the code (using a tiny triangle) from 1-8?
Davin (:13): 4
Sam (:01): 2 ($2095)


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