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“Ca$h Cab” 7/7/11

G1: Jason, Cindy, Jen & Mario (34th & 8th)(BtG: 40)

#1: Sir Isaac Newton spent much of his career practicing what mythical cousin of chemistry?
#2: In a classic viral video, 200L of Diet Coke & 500 mentos were used to mimic the famed fountain of what Vegas hotel?
#3: Named for an urban bird, what orthopedic condition’s characterized by the inward pointing of the Metatarsus?
Pigeon toe
#4: In baseball, what staple of deli cuisine’s used to describe a situation in which a player’s stranded between two bases?
MSO: Ryan

#1: For 25 yrs. after the restoration of Charles II, what British leader’s head was displayed on a pole inside Westminster Abbey?
#2: Meaning “voice of the people”, what Latin term’s used in broadcasting to describe a man-on-the-street interview?
Vox Populi
#3: Used by paleontologists when dating fossils, the abbrev. MYA stands for what measurement of time?
Million yrs. ago
#4: Awarded a posthumous Pulitzer Prize, what holy figure of jazz composed the revered classic “Round Midnight”?
Miles Davis (A: Thelonious Monk)
FQ: In ancient Greece, what military formation consisted of a tightly-knit wall of spearmen w/ overlapping shields?

VB: These birds have sensitive bills that allow ’em to scoop up shrimp, minnows & other tasty treats. Named for its distinctive beak, what’s this well-equipped type of water bird?
FA: Horn-billed heron (A: Spoonbill)

G2: Joanna & Maya (Tao on 58th)(BtG: 34)

DR: Andrew & John (6th & Canal)(BtG: 35)

#1: What state has the highest marriage & divorce rate in the U.S. (thanks in part to drive-thru wedding chapels)?
#2: Abbrev. F&S, what print magazine has hooked hunters & fisherman since it debuted in 1895?
Field & Stream
#3: In 2010 Nobel Laureate Robert Richardson argued that party balloons should cost $100 apiece to reflect the shortage of what gas?
#4: What cable network courted weekend viewers w/ two straight days of “Book TV”?

#1: Acc. to the USDA, our nation’s second-highest food consumption day coincides w/ what annual sporting event?
Super Bowl
#2: Referring to it as “madame”, Napoleon kept what iconic, enigmatic Da Vinci painting in his bedroom for four yrs.?
“The Mona Lisa”
RLC: As determined by the AKC in 2009, name seven of the 10 most popular dog breeds in the U.S.
Beagle, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Bulldog, Poodle & Yorkie (Others: Boxer & Shih Tzu)
#3: iPray & iQuran are smartphone apps that help Muslims observe what ninth month of the Islamic calendar?
#4: Feat. rum, lime & mint, what cocktail did Ernest Hemingway allegedly imbibe at a Havana bar called Bodeguita?

#1: Named 2008’s Word of the Yr. by Webster’s, what slang term means to divulge too much personal information?
FQ: Established in the 1800s, what railway co. insisted that ALL of its porters be addressed by the name George?
FA: Pullman ($2.5K)


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