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“Ca$h Cab” 7/6/11

G1: Mike, Rebecca & Sevan (Stanton & Clinton)(BtG: 30)

#1: What horse owned by Roy Rogers was auctioned off for $266K in ’10?
#2: What self-effacing phrase’s abrev. FWIW?
For what it’s worth
#3: Used by Special Ops & soccer moms, what’s the name of the ubiquitous GPS system developed by the U.S. military?
Mobile positioning device (A: NAVSTAR)
#4: A synonym for forcible ejection, what alliterative phrase was originally exclaimed by sailors while hoisting rope?
MSO: Mike’s mom Pam
XX (A: Heave-ho)

Sole $200 Q: Mixed w/ lemon-lime soda, what gin-based liqueur’s the drink of choice on the lawns of Wimbledon?
FA: Pimm’s Cup

G2: Joy & Christina Joy (Angelica’s on 2nd & 12th)(BtG: 46)

G3: Skylar & Gina (116th & 3rd)(BtG: 41)

#1: What iconic overland route terminated about 40 miles from Mt. Hood?
Oregon Trail
#2: Resulting in misshapen red blood cells, what disease have some scientists blamed for the death of King Tut?
Sickle cell disease
#3: Acc. to Jewish law, an animal can be considered kosher if it chews its own cud & has what type of hooves?
Uncloven (A: Cloven)
RLC: In the U.S., eight states have names that both begin & end w/ a vowel- name ’em all.
#4: In an odd display of reverence, Hugo Chavez exhumed & wept over the remains of what Latin American liberator in 2010?
Che Guevara (A: Bolivar)

Sole $200 Q: Played by the late Will Lee, what shopkeeper’s sudden death was the subject of a very special “SESAME STREET” in ’83?
Mr. Hooper

VB: Also a word meaning a stroke of good luck, what’s the term for the fins of this triangular whale tail?
FA: Fluke ($1700)

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