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“Ca$h Cab” 7/5/11

G1: Chris & John (Waterfront Ale House on 30th & 2nd)(BtG: 40)

#1: A synonym for “frilly”, what repetitive French phrase allegedly alludes to the sound of a rustling dress?
#2: After serving six months in prison, what former mayor used the campaign slogan “He may not be perfect, but he’s perfect for D.C.”?
Marion Barry
#3: In a game of pool, what’s the standard term for a shot in which a ball ricochets off a rail before landing in a pocket?
RLC: Published in 1996, The Scientific 100 was a book that listed the most influential scientists of all-time. Name four of the top seven names on the list.
Einstein, Newton, Galileo & X (Couldn’t get: Bohr, Darwin, Pasteur & Freud)
#4: A delectable part of the pig, what commodity’s sold on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange using the abbrev. PB?
Pork bellies

#1: Crowned in 800 A.D., what holy Roman emperor was the son of Pippin the Short & the father of Pippin the Hunchback?
#2: In the colorful world of cockney slang, what claymation duo’s a synonym for the word “vomit”?
“Wallace & Gromit”
#3: Featuring highly-charged electrons, what layer of the Earth’s atmosphere allows AM radio to send long-distance signals?
#4: Three yrs. after his duel w/ Alexander Hamilton, what politician was accused of trying to create a rival nation in the west?
Aaron Burr
FQ: Sporting a griffin & the letter V in its logo, what British automaker was bought by General Motors over 80 yrs. ago?
FA: ROLLS-ROYCE (A: Vauxhall)($1400)

G2: Stuart, Eric & Brian (Saks Fifth Avenue on 49th & 5th)(BtG: 48)

DR: Jeannine & Tawanna (58th between 5th & Madison)(BtG: 31)

#1: What shredded wheat cracker boasted it was baked by electricity in its early packaging?
MSO: April
#2: In 2010 the proposed Mason-Dixon Resort & Casino ignited fierce debate due to its proximity to what revered PA battlefield?
#3: To the chagrin of some Spanish teachers, the name of what NFL star’s a flawed translation of his jersey number 85?
Chad Ochocinco
#4: Because it gives birth standing up, what hoofed African animal falls about five ft. to the ground upon being born?

#1: Leader of a slave revolt, what Roman gladiator did Karl Marx call “the most splendid fellow in the whole of ancient history”?
Marcus Aurelius (A: Spartacus)
#2: Though she herself NEVER married, copywriter Frances Gerety boosted sales for De Beers by penning what enduring tagline in 1947?
“Diamonds are forever”
#3: Originally called “The annoying thing”, what animated amphibian launched a worldwide ringtone craze in ’04?
GEICO gecko (A: Crazy Frog)
FQ: Familiar to readers of Variety, what slang word for “successful” is thought to be a shortened version of “box office”?
FA: Boffo

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