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“Superhuman” 7/3

Anthony Brooks (BLOCK PARTY): Solve 10 Rubik’s Cubes & place ’em properly on a chute in two min.
Jessie Levine (PILLAR INSTINCT): Get from one end of the grid to the other using only the displayed paths BLINDFOLDED.
Tom Gore (PENN & TELL ALL): Yes, Penn & Teller show up. After the hyperawareness performance, he’ll be asked three questions about what he saw.
Dennis Just (CODEBREAKER): There will be two grids & three letters in that second grid will be different.
Charity Parrott (PUPPY LOVE): The pictures of 15 dogs (as well as their names, favorite treats & favorite toys) will be put on the big screen & three of those dogs will be brought out.

TT: Tom, Dennis & Jesse
W- Dennis

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