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“Ca$h Cab” 6/30/11

DR: Chris, Jezeel, Olivia & Timothy  (Bella Blu on Lexington between 70th & 71st)(BtG: 34)

#1: On its 103rd floor, what famous Midwestern skyscraper boasts a deck w/ views of IN, MI & WI?
Sears/Willis Tower
#2: During the Cold War, what Cincinnati MLB team added the word “legs” to their name to avoid any ties to Communism?
#3: Abbrev. AC, what mild-mannered radio format features mainstream music minus the Hard Rock & Hip-Hop?
Audio Current (A: Adult Contemporary)
#4: Effective against “SPACE INVADERS”, what video game controller was allegedly invented by a French aviator for use in the cockpit?

#1: What British industrial designer cleaned up in the 1990s w/ the introduction of his bagless vacuum cleaner?
#2: In the autism community, what fictional blue steam engine was known for helping kids to understand facial expressions?
#3: Until 2003, foods made w/ what fat substitute were required to bear a warning about possible abdominal cramping?
Olean (aka Olestra)
#4: In which Ernest Hemingway novella did a senior citizen named Santiago single-handedly kill a slew of shark?
The Old Man and the Sea

Sole $400 Q: An adviser to George Washington, what famed French General was finally made an honorary U.S. citizen in 2002?
FA: Beauchamp (A: Lafayette)

G2: Michelle, Christine & Michael (3rd between 27th & 28th)(BtG: 36)

#1: A staple of many similes, what four-letter word was named English’s most-overused in a 2010 CBS News poll?
#2: Also called the scapula, what triangular bone in mammals was used as a shovel in prehistoric times?
Breastbone (A: Shoulder blade)
#3: Based in Scottsdale, what Chinese restaurant chain incorporates the initials of founder Paul Fleming into its name?
P.F. Chang’s
#4: Second in size to London, what British city’s residents are affectionately known as “Brummies”?

#1: Originating w/ the Pennsylvania Dutch, what pork-based mush’s said to contain all leftover parts of the pig except the oink?
Crackle (A: Scrapple)
#2: Analogous to limbo, what three-word term refers to the treacherous territory between enemy trenches in WWI?
No man’s land
FQ: Giving him the initials ONUG, an IL man changed his name to what four-word phrase from “The Pledge of Allegiance” in 2010?
“One nation under God”

VB: Scientists think these endangered Borneo monkeys use their noses, the longest of any primates, to attract mates- what are they?
FA: Proboscis ($1800)

G3: Holly & Deacon (2nd & 13th)(BtG: 39)


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