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OR: FS/Hang Glider/Broken Pipes/Crank it Up/BH/WW

#1: Lance (2:10.16)
#2: Brandon M. (2:41.91)
#3: Tyler Y. (2:44.49)
#4: Tyler S. (2:54.34)
#5: Ethan (2:54.94)
#6: Broc Bebout (software mgr.)(2:55.35)
#7: Dave Cavanagh (3:06.51)
#8: Ben Baker (3:53.9)
#9: Jelani Allen (Vegas)(4:06.31- incl. INSANE save at the end of BP)
#10: Dennis Lappin (firefighter in MI)(4:09.1)
#11: Devin Harrelson (tattoo artist in Fuquay-Varina, NC who wiped out last yr.)(stopped by WW at 3:20.15)
#12: Todd Mitchell (stopped by WW at 4:37.09)
#13: Hunter “The Lizard” Guerard (gym mgr. in Bloomington, MN)(stopped by BH at 1:04.13)
#14: Kyle M. (stopped by BH at 1:17.79)
#15: Jeremiah (stopped by BH at 1:20.47)
#16: Dan P. (stopped by BH at 1:38.67)
#17: Eric M. (stopped by BH at 1:38.93)
#18: Drew Hendry (tree nursery worker in FL)(stopped by BH at 1:39.12)
#19: Alex Carson (manufacturing eng.)(stopped by BH at 1:47.55)
#20: Mitch “The Science Ninja” Vedepo (grad student in Mission, KS)(stopped by BH at 1:56.17)
#21: Brad Spine (arm wrestler in Floyds Knobs, IN)(stopped by BH at 2:01.01)
#22: Bobby B. (stopped by BH at 2:11.5)
#23: Wes “Kilt Ninja” Whitlam (software mgr. in Shelby Township, MI)(stopped by BH at 2:20.51)
#24: Kyle Schultz (deaf grocer in West Chicago)(stopped by BH at 2:36.54)
#25: Morgan “Moose” Wright (P.E. teacher in North Ft. Meyers, FL)(stopped by BH at 2:58.82)
#26: Michael Bougher (national guardsman in Ft. Wayne)(stopped by CiU at 28.36)
#27: Deren Perez (Coast Guard officer)(stopped by CiU at 30.35)
#28: Donovan Metoyer (stopped by CiU at 39.37)
#29: Craig Schafer (stopped by CiU at 44.84)
#30: Spencer Johnson (gymnastics instructor)(stopped by CiU at 53.1)

Top Females:
#1: Sarah Schoback (ninja gym owner in Edina, MN)(stopped by CiU at 1:15.25)
#2: Annie Dudek (P.E. teacher)(stopped by CiU at 1:16.4)
#3: Abby Paul (dentist)(stopped by CiU at 1:30.18)
#4: Maggi Thorne (marketing consultant in Lincoln, NE)(stopped by CiU at 1:31.58)
#5: Sara Heesen (bartender/server in Plymouth, MN)(stopped by CiU at 1:39.55)

Notable Also-Rans:
Rich Talavera (70-yr.-old pharmacy tech in Prairie Village, KS): HG (oldest competitor to ever complete an obstacle)
Jimmy Choi (technology consultant in Bolingbrook, IL who’s battling Parkinson’s): BP
Lori Ann Lloyd (55-yr.-old occupational therapist): BP


Comments on: "“American Ninja Warrior” 7/3/17" (1)

  1. Dalton Higbee said:

    We had 38 finishers when they first were in Kansas City two years ago. So surprising that it only had ten finishers this time.

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