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Charlie Boghosian (restaurateur & fair vendor)
Cassy Jones (chef & fair vendor)
Brent Reaves (restaurateur & fair vendor)
Chance McWhorter
J: Aaron, Melissa & Aarti

Charlie: Deep-fried pickled egg on a fried onion & bacon nest
Chance: Funnel cake w/ chorizo, bacon & pickled egg
Cassy: Fish & chips w/ pickled egg batter
Brent: Fried chicken sandwich w/ fried pickled egg
C-O- Charlie

Cassy: $12
Chance: $13
Brent: $9.47

Cassy: Deep-fried sweet potato pie on a stick
Brent: Fried peanut butter cups on a stick
Chance: Fried deconstructed banana split on a stick
C-O- Brent

Balloon Pop: Each contestant receives three darts & at least in this ep., behind each balloon is the number of an aisle. They can shop whatever aisles they pop.
Cassy: #10
Chance: #1
Guy: #4 & #8

Chance: Steak sandwich w/ a fried fair salad
Cassy: Shrimp boat w/ slaw & peach crumble
W- Chance

#1: A mix for fried balls made w/ chickpeas (FALAFEL MIX)- $
#2: A crisp waffle-like holder for a frozen treat that debuted at the St. Louis World’s Fair (WAFFLE CONE)- $
#3: W/ a name that means “little pod” in Spanish, this popular flavoring’s sold as a bean & an extract (VANILLA)- $
#4: Despite its name, experts believe that this fried item came from Belgium, NOT France (FRENCH FRIES)- $
#5: A citrus named after Frank Nicholas Meyer, the man who first imported it to the U.S. from China- X


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