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Mentor Challenge: Besides the usual cooking, they had to film some tips on Instagram. Along the way, they shopped at Walmart w/ a designated partner, a designated dilemma & a designated budget.
GJ: Hannah Hart

Addie & Matthew (feed family of four for the cost of frozen dinners): $17.63
Cory & Rusty (date night for new parents on budget): $25
David & Jason (upscale dinner party for six): $45
Amy & Cao (feed family of eight): $30

David & Jason: Salmon w/ shrimp & Summer veggies
Cao & Amy: Honey mustard chicken thighs
Rusty & Cory: Pork loin w/ parsnips & chili vinaigrette
Matthew & Addie: Rigatoni w/ grilled chicken
W- Matthew & Addie (advice from Giada & Bobby)

SC #5: The four teams from the prev. challenge would now serve as the matchups for this challenge. In every one, the chefs were to give two different solutions to the same problem during a four-min. cooking demo in front of a live audience.
GJ: Sunny

Addie v. Matthew: LEFTOVER LOVIN’
Jason v. David: QUICK & EASY (David: One-pan plan/Jason: One-pot shot)
Amy v. Cao: FLAVOR BOMB (beef tacos)
Rusty v. Cory: SUPERMARKET FIX (crescent dinner rolls)

W- Jason, Matthew, Rusty & Amy
L- Cao (Also on bottom: David)



Comments on: "“food network STAR” 7/2/17" (1)

  1. lildevilswimmer4 said:

    By the way, Matthew won the head to head, not Addie. Addie didn’t win but was made safe along with Cory.

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