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“Ca$h Cab” 2/9/12

G1: Pete (24th & 10th)(BtG: 33)

#1: Incl. the notorious Ned Kelly, the Bushrangers were 19th C. outlaws who roamed the barren countryside of what nation?
MSO: Brother Rich
#2: What seasoning brand was created by working mom Carol Bernick as a salt-free way to flavor food?
Mrs. Dash
#3: Orig. the coat of arms of a Swedish county, the Crowned Griffin was the official emblem of what famed auto brand?
#4: Capitalizing on the demand for rechargeable batteries, Bolivia’s been dubbed the Saudi Arabia of what lightweight metal?
Aluminum (A: Lithium)

Sole $200 Q: What former first baseman had the best ‘stache in sports acc. to the American Mustache Institute?
FA: Keith Hernandez

G2: Harrison, Ben, Allie & Corrie (Chat ‘N’ Chew on 16th)(BtG: 31)

#1: Having gouged his eyes out, what tragic mythical king was guided around ancient Greece by his daughter Antigone?
Oedipus Rex
#2: Acc. to the U.S. Army Survival Manual, what useful device can be improvised using water, a magnetized needle & a leaf or cork?
#3: Rescinded as recently as 1976, Missouri Executive Order 44 made members of what church outlaws & enemies of the state?
RLC: The Commonwealth of Nations incl. 51 nations that once belonged to the British Empire. Based on land area, name four of the five-largest.
Australia, Canada, South Africa & India (Not necessary: Nigeria)
#4: Once nicknamed a “rain catcher”, what tuba-like instrument was named for the legendary marching band composer who invented it?

Sole $200 Q: Boasting over 12M members, what chilly virtual world for kids invites users to waddle around & meet new friends?
“Club Penguin”

VB: Requiring three objects, two hands & dash of coordination, this is usually the first pattern learned by Neophyte jugglers. Also a synonym for “waterfall”, what’s the name of this basic move?
FA: Cascade ($2100)

G3: Kara & Megan (Tribeca Grand)(BtG: 40)


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