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“Ca$h Cab” 6/28/11

G1: Tracy, Sidra Smith, Ron & James (51st & 9th)(BtG: 31)

#1: Putting the SP in the airport code GSP, what South Carolina city shares its airport w/ neighboring Greenville?
#2: What Central American country announced plans to become entirely carbon-neutral by 2021?
Venezuela (A: Costa Rica)
FQ: What aggressive variety of turtle’s the official state reptile of New York?
MSO: Ron’s brother Hans

VB: Meaning “sacred heart” in French, what’s the name of this beloved Parisian landmark?
FA: Sacre-Coeur

G2: Steve (61st & Park)(BtG: 32)
LOST $350

G3: Donald, Gabrielle & Andrea (126th & Lenox)(BtG: 38)

#1: Called paraffin oil in the U.K., what flammable liquid’s used to fuel both camping stoves & fire-breathing acts?
Sterno (A: Kerosene)
#2: Stubborn as a donkey, Harry Truman REFUSED to go on what Disneyland ride due to its symbolic link to Republicans?
“Flying Dumbo”
#3: Within shouting distance of the Tiber River, what cloistered city-state boasts ATMs that offer instructions in Latin?
Vatican City
#4: In Internet slang, the abbrev. IRL refers to anything that exists in the non-virtual world- what is IRL short for?
In real life

#1: Not to be confused w/ the making of pasta, what Southern pastime involving catching catfish w/ your BARE hands?
#2: Famed for his insights in the bathtub, what ancient Greek reportedly rattled Romans w/ a Sun-powered death ray?
FQ: Named for the CA college town where it was discovered, what man-made element’s abbrev. BK?
MSO: Amanda’s dad Brent
FA: Berkelium ($1100)


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