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“Ca$h Cab” 6/27/11

DR: Dennis, Jun & Chris (35th & 3rd)(BtG: 31)

#1: Though its lyrics were written in 1814, what song first cracked Billboard‘s Top 20 after Whitney Houston sang it at the ’91 Super Bowl?
“The Star-Spangled Banner”
#2: Due to its use of sound waves, what method of underwater navigation’s believed to render dolphins temporarily deaf?
#3: Known for its creme-filled eggs, what British co. was founded by a Quaker who hoped cocoa could substitute for alcohol?
#4: Famous for building Habitats for Humanity, what President once constructed a treehouse on the South Lawn for his daughter?

#1: Featuring a plane made of duct tape & trash bags, the 100th ep. of “Mythbusters” paid tribute to what ’80s TV character?
#2: From an Old French word for “petticoat”, what’s the term for the ball at which a debutante makes her big debut?
Coming-out party (A: Cotillion)
#3: Named for its canine protagonist, what Jack London novel did Teddy Roosevelt criticize as “The very sublimity of absurdity”?
White Fang
FQ: Meaning “muddy confluence” in Malaysian, what Asian capital’s located at the junction of the Klang & Gombak Rivers?
MSO: Dennis’ dad Dennis
FA: Singapore (A: Kuala Lumpur)

G2: Brent (72nd & York)(BtG: 39)

G3: Willy & Lynn (300 Building on 5th & 2nd)(BtG: 36)

#1: What tantrum-throwing tennis legend did The New York Times once call “The worst advertisement for our system of values since Al Capone”?
John McEnroe
#2: Appropriately enough, the Lakers spent 12 yrs. in what Land of 10,000 Lakes city before moving to L.A. in ’60?
#3: Acc. to author L. Frank Baum, what fictional land’s name was inspired by the letters used to label a filing cabinet?
Atlantis (A: OZ)
#4: In equestrian competition, what term’s generally reserved for horses that are less than 58 in. tall?
MSO: Lynn’s dad John

#1: What geological term refers to an area w/ high levels of volcanic activity?
Hot spot
RLC: Revised in 1992, an acclaimed book by Michael Hart ranked the 100 most influential people in world history. Name four of the five ancient Greeks who made the list.
MISSED ‘EM ALL (A: Homer, Aristotle, Plato, Alexander the Great & Euclid)

VB: Though they’re partial to wallaby, these feral canines AREN’T above snacking on marsupial mice, possums or even a baby emu or two. A vital apex predator for an entire continent, what’s this subspecies of wild dog?
FA: Dingo ($1300)


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