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“Ca$h Cab” 2/2/12

G1: Pamela, Jake, Adam & Liz (Jackson Hole Diner)(BtG: 34)

#1: From the French for “separate” or “sift”, what rapid medical-evaluation process was developed by Napoleon’s surgeon during the Franco-Prussian Wars?
#2: The website Foursquare encourages frequent check-ins at the same location so members can earn what title?
RLC: Along w/ Yuri Gagarin & James T. Kirk, seven real U.S. astronauts made the Space Foundation’s poll of top ten space heroes- name four of ’em.
Armstrong, Glenn, Virgil “Gus” Grissom & Aldrin (Others: Shepard, James Lovell & John Young)
#3: In ’11 Frito-Lay introduced 1.5M packages of cheesy poofs to commemorate the 15th season of what animated show?
#4: Though it was hosted by his friend Frank Sinatra, what singer was UNINVITED to JFK’s inauguration because of his INTERRACIAL marriage?
Sammy Davis, Jr.

#1: Also known as Hansen’s Disease, what disfiguring illness can be contracted from skin-to-skin contact w/ an armadillo?
#2: Founded by Lao-Tzu, what religious philosophy centers upon the three jewels of compassion, moderation & humility?
FQ: Dubbed the father of modern genetics, what 19th C. friar conducted his experiment w/ peas in the backyard of an Austrian monastery?

VB: Known to charge humans head-on when threatened, what’s the name of this muscular marsupial that’s survived for centuries in Australia?
FA: Wombat ($2900)

G2: Mark (46th & 2nd)(BtG: 40)

G3: Caroline & Tess (Tortilla Flats)(BtG: 40)

#1: Flown aboard The Queen Anne’s Revenge, the flag of what bloodthirsty buccaneer boasted a skeleton spearing a bleeding heart?
#2: Photographer Alberto Korda snapped a shot of what Marxist icon in 1960?
Che Guevara
#3: Before he brought us the ThighMaster Tobacco heir Joshua Reynolds cashed in in the 1970s w/ what kitschy color-changing jewelry?
Mood Ring
#4: To the chagrin of founder Tom Anderson, what rival of facebook lost over 10M users in a single month in ’11?
RLC: Since Grover Cleveland, six U.S. Presidents have served two or more terms as of ’12- name ’em all.
George W. Bush, Clinton, Reagan, FDR, Eisenhower & Wilson

#1: What department within a record label’s abbrev. A&R?
MSO: Caroline’s dad Barry
Artists & Representation (A: Artists & Repertoire)


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