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“The Wall” 6/29

T: Lenny & Sharon (Brick, NJ; he’s a boat mechanic who helped out a stranger when nine people got SHOT at the Ft. Lauderdale airport)

#1: Zac Efron starred in “High School Musical” as Troy Bolton, captain of what kind of sports team- basketball or soccer?
Basketball– BOTH 100s/25K (they DIDN’T turn blue for this ep.)
#2: Everglades National Park is located in which U.S. state- FL or LA?
FL– 20K (L)/10 (R)/100 (R)
#3: Purchased by amazon for nearly $1B, which of these is a live streaming video website popular w/ video gamers- Flinch or Twitch?
Twitch– 1 (JUST R OF 25K)/TWO IN 10K (R)
#4: Which of these cocktails is traditionally made by mixing gin & vermouth- martini or Manhattan?
Manhattan– 20K (L)/1 (JUST L OF 25K)/100 (R)
#5: The Ultimate Fighting Championship holds its fights in a cage that’s what shape- Octagon or Hexagon?
Oxtagon– 100 (L)/10 (L)/5K (R) = $50,320

R2 Freebies (#3 & #6): 10 (IN BETWEEN 10K/25K) & 100 (IN BETWEEN 125K/250K)

#1 (#5): Acc. to the title of a ’99 Kenny Chesney song, which of these did “she” think was sexy- “My Boots”, “My Pickup” or “My Tractor”?
“My Tractor”– 1 (IN BETWEEN 50K & 100K)
#2 (#6- DOUBLE): Which of these phrases is a possible reply from Mattel’s original Magic 8 Ball- “Absolutely”, “My sources say no” or “Ask a different question”?
“My sources say no”– 1/100K NEXT TO IT
#3 (#4- TRIPLE): In what U.S. state can tourists witness the predictable eruption of the famous geyser known as Old Faithful- WY, ID or CA?
WY– 100 (L)/100K/125K
End-of-R2 Deductions: 1 (IN BETWEEN 25K/50K)/125K = $250,531

R3 Freebies:
#2- 300K
#3- 400K
#5- 1 (IN BETWEEN 200K/300K)
#7- 100 (L OF THE MILLION)

#1 (#3): In Jan. ’67, the Packers won what was now known as the first Super Bowl by defeating which team- Raiders, Chiefs, Dolphins or Bills?
Chiefs– 100K
#2 (#2): How many total white dots are on the trademarked red/blue domino that serves as the logo of the pizza chain Domino’s- two, three, five or seven?
FIVE– 400K
#3 (#4- TRIPLE): Which Hawaiian island’s home to the famous surf break known as the “Banzai Pipeline”- Oahu, Maui, Hawaii or Molokai?
Oahu– 50K/10K (IN BETWEEN 200K/300K)/400K = $1,100,642

End-of-R3 Deductions:
#2- 50K
#3- 10 (IN BETWEEN 400K/500K)
#5- 100K
#7- 100K = $850,632- $150,320 CONTRACT SIGNED


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