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“Id!ottest” 6/28/17

BT: Erin & Richard (alien believers)
GT: Arthur & YJ (ghost believers)

Alien believers: Pick the one that’s going out tonight
Ghost believers: Which one usually needs a walker to get around the block?
Alien believers: Touch the impressionist painting
T ($140): Elvis impressionist ($360)
Ghost believers: Which business will most likely give you crabs?
T ($180): Shelly’s Shellfish food truck ($280)

Arthur: Dave’s on a roll at the craps table! Which number definitely WON’T come up- seven, five, three or one?
T ($175): ONE ($455)
Richard: Touch the pound cake
T ($350): #1 birthday ($710)
YJ: Earn credit for cash!
(IDIOT)(A: Money in guy’s pocket)
Erin: Touch the one that’s offering roadside assistance
T ($300): REST STOP AHEAD sign ($1010)

#1: It’s not ME, it’s YOU
Richard ($200): “He’s no angel!”
YJ ($450): Blue figure that’s YOU upside-down ($905)
#2: Logically (if Courtney is a court judge, Pooley is a pool boy & Standfish is a hot dog stand worker), what’s Carlotta’s job- auto salesperson, mayor, stockbroker or caretaker?
Erin ($800): Caretaker
Arthur ($300): Stockbroker

SM: Look down & touch the largest animal
FA: Elephant photo (A: WHALE on the word-search grid to the left)

BT: Tatiana & May (daddy’s girls)
GT: Mick & Marcus (mama’s boys)

Girls: Which couple’s taking it to the next level?
T ($240): The one on the escalator
Boys: Which one went platinum?
T ($20): Guy holding “3 RECORDS SOLD” (A: Platinum-haired woman holding “40 RECORDS SOLD”)
Girls: Meet caveman family. Grog make fire. Ugg make wheel. Which two make zog?
IDIOT (A: BOTH people)
Boys: Who’s DA man- Drew Reed (county clerk), Jesse Bailey (district attorney), Corey Criss (mayor) or Bobby Nedeff (treasurer)?
T ($20): Bobby Nedeff

Mick: Where is The White House?
T ($250): Purple house (A: D.C.)
Tatiana: Which photo’s most touching?
T ($375): The one at the end (A: The one in the “Most Wanted” sign)
Marcus: Which one would love to make you dinner?
T ($225): “I DON’T DO LUNCH!” (A: Crocodile)
May: Here lies Bob. Touch him.
T ($125): Boris Gray tombstone (A: “HE WAS MY BEST FRIEND”)

#1: Touch the two nonsense words
Tatiana (IDIOT)
#2: Which one’s always red?
May ($700): Rose
Mick ($1200): STOP sign



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