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“Ca$h Cab” 6/21/11

G1: Pete, Catherine & Angela (Greenwich between 11th & Perry)(BtG: 39)

#1: While S belongs to Sweden, what letter represents Spain on international license plates?
#2: Merging w/ TWA in 2001, what airline once saved $40K by removing one olive from each of its first-class meals?
SOUTHWEST (A: AmericanAirlines)
#3: What media mogul became the nation’s largest private landowner in 2007?
Ted Turner
#4: Also a Tom Clancy bestseller, what phrase did justice Oliver Wendell Holmes make famous in a 1919 opinion on free speech?
MSO: Phil
Clear and Present Danger

#1: Sometimes made w/ fragments of pottery, what ancient art form lent its name to a Web browser of the ’90s?
Adobe (A: Mosaic)
FQ: Based in Japan, the name of what sneaker co. is an acronym for a Latin phrase meaning “a sound mind in a sound body”?

VB: A perpetual work in progress, this South Dakota memorial has been under construction since the Truman administration. Rivaling Mt. Rushmore in scale, this monument in the making pays tribute to what Lakota warrior?
FA: Sitting Bull (A: Crazy Horse)

G2: Theresa & Frank (Apollo Theater)(BtG: 41)

#1: More orate than Doric or Ionic, what type of column share their name w/ the 7th book of The New Testament?
MSO: Eve
#2: Though Saudi Arabia’s the religion’s spiritual homeland, what island nation’s home to the world’s largest Muslim population?
Malaysia (A: Indonesia)
#3: Named for a piece of cookware, what old-school relative of the dumbbell resembles a cannonball w/ a handle?
Pestle (A: Kettle bell)

G3: Becky, Joe & Martha (Greenwich & Franklin)(BtG: 50)

#1: W/ initials that stand for “personal transportation”, what trendy hatchback sedan did Chrysler discontinue in 2010?
PT Cruiser
#2: In an incident spoofed as “Gatecrash Gate”, what socialite couple arrived uninvited to a White House steak dinner in 2009?
RLC: Only five of the elite G-20 nations are located in the Americas- name ALL five.
U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil & Argentina
#3: Orig. identified as a relative of the bison, what three-horned beast’s the official state dinosaur of WY?
#4: Acc. to the Federal Flag Code, how should Old Glory be flown in order to communicate dire distress?

#1: Meaning “figure” in German, what school of psychotherapy explores the patient’s experience w/ the here & now?
Freud (A: Gestalt)
#2: Preceded by a number sign, what’s the term for the key words & phrases used on twitter to group tweets by topic?
#3: Portrayed by Claire Danes in an HBO film, what autistic animal advocate has been called “The woman who thinks like a cow”?
Ms. Bovine (A: Temple Grandin)
FQ: More serious than its name suggests, what Dante masterpiece was considered lowbrow because it was in Italian, NOT Latin?
FA: The Divine Comedy ($1250)


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