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1st Temptation: When a flower was lit green, only the first HG who pressed a button (if anyone did) would win $25K on the spot.
SOLD TO KEVINBUT HE WAS INELIGIBLE TO WIN THE 1ST HoH COMP. & PAUL RETURNED (he would replace whoever got evicted first)

2nd Temptation: Paul received a friendship bracelet for safety & would hand out one to eight HGs.
SAFE- Kevin, Raven, Dominique, Mark, Jason, Jessica, Ramses & Elena

Tempted by the Fruit: The other HGs would step on a trapeze bar, grab a balancing rope & all they had to do was hang on. The last HG standing would automatically win safety, but for each of the first even who were eliminated in this challenge, they had to choose from seven apples; four gave them safety & the other three put ’em on the eviction block.
W- Cody
ON THE BLOCK- Christmas, Cameron & Jillian

3rd Temptation: Between the choice of an eviction vote or an eviction competition, they shockingly went w/ the former (Paul was ineligible to vote).

Cody, Mark & Matthew each voted against…Jillian. Jason & Josh tried to get…Christmas out, so Cameron was EVICTED/SWAPPED.


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