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“Fear Factor” 6/27

RT: Gabrielle & Ronald (married)
YT: Jordan & Denise (engaged)
PT: Tam & Jonathan (dating)
BT: Nickolas & Kirstyn

BtB: At each pass, one teammate would be blindfolded & wearing a helmet as their partner put something inside that helmet. If s/he could figure out what was inside w/o using their hands, they would score two pts.; if their hands were needed, the value would be cut in half.
J&D: 4
T&J: 5
G&R: 7
N&K: 5

FYF: The teams would have to eat three things from a nine-space PL!NKO-like board. The Fear-vantage for G&R was to block off one of the nine things.
J&T: 7:54
G&R: 6:26

TFF: They first were required to grab nine flags on a helicopter. They secondly had to get a camera & take a selfie before taking a plunge into the water.
G&R: 1:33
J&T: 2:24


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