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“Chopped” 6/27/17

Allie Lyttle (Parks & Rec Diner chef in DET)
Charly Pierre (Fritai chef/restaurateur at St. Roch Market in New Orleans- most of his family comes from Haiti)
Willy Anderson (Pickle Link caterer- her late dad was a famous commercial photographer)
Jimmie Rondon (LAVO SC)
J: Scott, Alex & Marcus

A: Lamb kebabs, P♥M 100% pomegranate juice, Chinese broccoli & avocado toast
Allie: Spiced warm lamb salad w/ avocado & pomegranate dressing
Jimmie: “Day & Night” seared lamb w/ pomegranate & berry salad
Willy: Lamb meatballs w/ pomegranate yogurt & pesto
Charly: Stuffed lamb w/ pomegrante reduction & whipped avocado
C- Jimmie

E: Cornish hens, black rice, snap peas & watermelon radishes
Charly: Butter-fried Cornish hen w/ black rice grain & pikliz
Allie: Double-breaded fried Cornish hen w/ radish & cabbage slaw
Willy: Roasted Cornish hen breast w/ coconut black rice
C- Allie

D: Olive oil cake, papaya, kiwi & kefir
Willy: Kefir, mascarpone & kiwi cheesecake w/ fruit puree
Charly: Mostarda-stuffed olive oil cake w/ kefir & kiwi sauce
W- Charly

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