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“Ca$h Cab” 7/18/11

G1: Chuck, Andreo & Sean D (P.J. Clarke’s on 55th & 3rd)(BtG: 30)

#1: Originally called Harris County Domed Stadium, what iconic venue’s name alluded to its city’s role in the NASA space program?
RLC: In 2006 the Fish & Wildlife Service identified the most popular game & migratory birds for hunters. Name five of the seven birds on the list.
Turkey, duck, goose, quail & X (Unsaid: Pheasant, dove & grouse)
#2: Although it’s the nation’s official language, only half of China’s residents speak what dialect of Chinese?
#3: In Apr. ’10 Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs penned an open letter illuminating his issues w/ what Adobe animation software?
FQ: Now a world heritage site, Robben Island was once the maximum security prison of what future Nobel laureate?
FA: Mandela

G2: Christine & Rhea (Rockefeller Plaza)(BtG: 38)
LOST $250

DR: Brian & Alex (TimeWarner Center)(BtG: 41)

#1: In 2009 the United Nations voted 187-3 to condemn the U.S.’ decades-old embargo of what country?
#2: Also called a Morkie, a Yorktese is a designer dog- it’s a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier & what other breed?
#3: While MARVEL set its comic books in the real world, what rival employed fictional cities such as Gotham & Metropolis?
#4: Abbrev. CC, what feature was added to YouTube in ’08 as a service for the hearing-impaired?

#1: After WWII, what Bavarian city hosted the famous trials that decided the fate of the Nazi leadership?
#2: What casual shoe brand was reportedly owned by one in 10 adults in 1963?
Hush Puppies
#3: In Japanese, what honorific three-letter suffix functions as the everyday equivalent of Mister & Missus?
RLC: Acc. to a 2010 Market Force survey, Olive Garden was among Americans’ eight favorite casual dining restaurants- name four of the other seven.
TGI Friday’s, Applebee’s, OUTBACK & Red Lobster (Others: Texas Roadhouse, The Cheesecake Factory & chili’s)
#4: Acc. to their Latin translations, the heart’s atrium is its central court, while what other chamber is its little belly?

#1: Acc. to a ’03 WebMD article, neckties that are too tight can increase the risk of what eye disease?
MSO: Kari
#2: In Peruvian paintings of “The Last Supper”, what local rodent was commonly being served as the main course?
Guinea pigs
FQ: Written by Betty Freidan in the 1960s, what iconic feminist tome confronted the so-called problem that had NO name?
FA: The Feminine Mystique ($2900)


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