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“Superhuman” 6/26

Andrea Carlton (DEBUNKED): Figure out the three subtle changes made by the judges to an Army barrack
Greg Miller (BIRD IS THE WORD): Each judge will choose a bird noise & his job is to identify the bird making that noise
Mike Byster (FAST CAR): Figure out the sticker price of each used car while being given info by John Moschitta, Jr. (’60s GTO Convertible: $16,815/’70s Buick Century Wagon: $21,167/’83 Ford Econoline/Club Wagon: $24,264)
Alyssa Kramer (NAMUH REPUS): She has a minute to say all 15 words stated backwards
Ram Kolli (WAITING ON YOU): He has to take 15 dining tables’ orders w/o using any pen or pad & recall the dishes when asked for

TT: Mike, Greg & Andrea
W- Mike


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