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“Ca$h Cab” 3/14/11

G1: Rich, Michael & Christian (TimeWarner Center)(BtG: 35)

#1: What website bills itself as the world’s largest ticket marketplace?
RLC: The Danube River either borders or flows through 10 European countries, including Moldova & Slovakia. Name five of the other eight.
Romania, Croatia, Ukraine, Germany & Austria (Leftovers: Hungary, Serbia & Bulgaria)
#2: What two-word term’s defined as the visual attractiveness of a house as viewed from the street?
Curb appeal
#3: From ’63-’99, what was used weekly on TV & abbrev. EBS?
Emergency Broadcasting System
#4: Often featured in track names, what geographical term refers to the English hills where horses have been raced for centuries?

#1: Memorialized at the Smithsonian, what trademarked blue solution has disinfected combs & clippers for over 60 yrs.?
#2: Originating in Indonesia, what cousin of tofu has been described as the steak of soy products?

MSO: Elyse
Seitan (A: Tempeh)
FQ: Smaller in size than a CD, what audio format did SONY introduce in 1992 to the disinterest of most Americans?
FA: MiniDisc ($1250)

G2: Rita, Devlin & Julian (St. Patrick’s)(BtG: 39)

G3: JP & Sarah (Angelo & Maxies on 19th & Park)(BtG: 32)

#1: Exemplified by the SONY Dream Machine, what ubiquitous invention has been identified by wired.com as the best mashup ever?
Cellphone (A: Clock radio)
#2: Introduced in 1913, what iconic yellow pencil was named after a famous port located in upstate NY?
#3: A politician w/ NAKED ambition, MA Senator Scott Brown famously posed NUDE in what women’s magazine in 1982?
MSO: Mike
#4: In 2006 Hasbro teamed up w/ a perfume maker to launch a scent that smelled like what iconic modeling compound?

Sole $200 Q: What bloodsucking insect’s repetitive name comes from the Tswana word for “fly”?

VB: When completed in the 16th C., this famous grand canal bridge was criticized as both ungraceful & architecturally unsound. Now an icon of Venice, Italy, what’s the name of this enduring structure?
L (A: Rialto Bridge)


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