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OR: FS/Rolling Pin/Wingnuts/BB/RT/WW

#1: Drew (1:10.49)
#2: Travis R. (1:47.14)
#3: Tyler Gillett (Jimmy John’s delivery driver in Newnan, GA)(2:17.23)
#4: Casidy Marks (FL project mgr.)(2:26.8)
#5: Turkong Klengoong (2:30.91)
#6: JJ (2:35.07)
#7: Brett S. (2:46.04)
#8: Reko (2:52.38)
#9: Ryan S. (2:55.19)
#10: Lucas (3:00.21)
#11: Sean Darling-Hammond (3:05.77)
#12: Nick P. (3:06.38)
#13: Kevin Carbone (tennis instructor in Alpharetta)(3:07.73)
#14: Rigel Henry (construction worker in Wilmington, NC)(3:10.79)
#15: Alexio (3:15.04)
#16: Dustin Fishman (dog trainer)(3:55.24)
#17: Michael Johnson (events mgr. in Stone Mountain, GA)(3:56.91)
#18: Eddy (4:16.18)
#19: Les Bradley (realtor)(stopped by RT at 1:10.57)
#20: Michael Murdick (stopped by RT at 1:27.26)
#21: Steven Cen (medical student)(stopped by RT at 1:32.99)
#22: Bootie (stopped by RT at 1:35.58)
#23: Faris Xero (creative dir. in ORL)(stopped by RT at 1:36)
#24: Cedric Idudu (IT consultant)(stopped by RT at 1:43.45)
#25: Oscar Ramirez (architect)(stopped by RT at 1:45.89)
#26: Jessie G. (stopped by RT at 1:46.8)
#27: Ricky Vu (Chick-fil-A mgr.)(stopped by RT at 2:01.47)
#28: Josh Butler (bus driver in NSH)(stopped by RT at 2:13.9)
#29: Royall Eason (line cook)(stopped by RT at 2:28.24)
#30: Jonathan Lorch (stopped by RT at 3:29.71)

Other Members of Top Five Females:
#2: Lindsay Eskildsen (web developer in Sacramento)(stopped by RT at 2:21.13)
#3: Bree Widener (makeup artist)(stopped by RT at 2:53.67)
#4: Emily Durham (wakeboard coach in ORL)(stopped by Wingnuts at 31.54)
#5: Adriane Alvord (horse trainer)(stopped by Wingnuts at 51.59)

Notable Also-Rans:
Ben Kennedy (NASCAR driver): RP
Todd B.: RP


Comments on: "“American Ninja Warrior” 6/26/17" (1)

  1. Dalton Higbee said:

    I hope Jessie Graff beats Rolling Thunder in the CITY finals.

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