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Nicholas & Aristotle Cleanthes (bros.)
Jessica & Amanda Lewis (food truck owners)
Matt & Jon Burgess (one’s a CHP officer; the other’s a firefighter)
J: Brian, Justin & Damaris

FTD (birthday cake): Eggs, chocolate, vanilla extract & milk
M&J: Bacon cheeseburger w/ fruit cobbler
J&A: Peppercorn-crusted Filet Mignon w/ dark chocolate cremeux
N&A: Scallops w/ chocolate-covered strawberries & a gin cucumber cocktail- C-O

Required Ingredient: JAPANESE MAYO
Equip.: FRYER

Ladies: Shrimp & grits
Team Burgess: Chicken & waffles
W- Sisters

#1: An edible yellow gourd that shares its name w/ a type of pasta (SPAGHETTI SQUASH)- $
#2: A sticky sweet mixture of whole milk & sugar typically sold in a can (CONDENSED MILK)- $
#3: Highly-seasoned pork sausage commonly used in Mexican & Spanish dishes (CHORIZO)- $
#4: This common condiment originated in China using spiced fish instead of tomatoes (KETCHUP)- $


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