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“Ca$h Cab” 1/12/12

G1: Mark Furstenberg (Bryant Park)(BtG: 39)

#1: Acc. to the CDC, what common cavity-fighting chemical could cause discolored teeth in young children?
#2: Practiced by “RAMBO” & “Robin Hood”, what ancient shooting sport made its Olympic debut at the Paris Games in 1900?
#3: Recognizing Nora Roberts a record 20 times, the annual Rita Awards honor excellence in what literary genre?
Mystery (A: Romance)
#4: Known for his powerful rung & emerald hue, what superhero had a mentor modeled after Israeli PM David Ben-Gurion?
Green Lantern

#1: Also a type of racehorse, what’s the term for a pig’s foot when prepared as food?
#2: What famous photographer initially worked as a custodian for the Sierra Club at Yosemite National Park?
Ansel Adams
RLC: Acc. to the experts at boxofficemojo.com, name five of the eight highest-grossing directors of all-time at the U.S. box office.
Cameron, Lucas, Spielberg, Michael Bay & X (Others: Zemeckis, Ron Howard, Chris Columbus & Burton)
#3: Also a Toyota SUV, what term refers to one of the many Gaelic residents of Upper Scotland & its isles?
Laird (A: Highlander)
#4: Abbrev. “MK”, what video game was BANNED in Australia due to its graphic depictions of dismemberment & decapitation?

#1: Though it sounds vaguely French, what’s the only big four accounting firm headquartered in the U.S.?
FQ: Nestled between Suriname & Venezuela, what former British colony’s the only English-speaking nation in South America?

VB: Sometimes mistaken for the Siberian Husky, these Arctic sled dogs have pulled more than their weight since the days of the Klondike Gold Rush. Named for an Inuit tribe, what’s this official state dog of AK?
FA: Malamute ($1700)

G2: Vicky, Chris & Doug (Waldorf Astoria)(BtG: 42)

G3: Gene, Dirk & Earl (12th & Broadway)(BtG: 41)

#1: What gold & wooden vessel was said to hold the original Ten Commandments?
“Ark of the Covenant”
RLC: The acronym STEM refers to four broad fields that are considered crucial to an advanced economy- name ’em.
Science, TechnologyX (Others: Math & Engineering)
#2: What poisonous element’s As on the periodic table?
#3: Oval bumper stickers that read “13.1” celebrated the accomplishment of what athletic feat?
Long jump (A: Half-marathon)
#4: Nicknamed “MoJo”, what left-leaning magazine was named in honor of labor activist Mary Harris Jones?
Mother Jones

#1: Introduced by Hasbro in ’85, what doll for boys was said to have inspired the demonic “CHUCKY” of “Child’s Play” fame?
Cabbage Patch (A: My Buddy)
FQ: Sharing its name w/ a village in Southeast Ireland, what traditional club-like weapon can also be used as a walking stick?
FA: Shillelagh


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