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M-U: Donaldsons v. Hirschs (Nancy, Liv, Greg, Dagmar & Dustin)

R1: Name something that’s torture for a man to have to sit through:

#1: Chick flick (28)(Nancy)
#3: Wedding (10)(Bob)

Hirschs: Doctor’s appointment, church (T6- 5), shopping (T6), ballet (#5- 6), opera/musical play (#4- 9), hair appointment, sports
Bob Steal: Graduation (#2: “Oprah”- 16/Sole BA: Visit w/ in-laws- 4)

R2 (men): If you were having an affair & the husband suddenly came home, where in the home would you hide?:

#1: Closet (38)(Liv)
#2: Under bed (23)(Karen)

Hirschs: Bathroom (#3- 18), outside, behind curtains, garage
Bob Steal #2: Basement- #4 (5)(Only on bottom: Under couch- 4)

Double: Name something a cow might be doing that might make it a BAD time to milk it:

#1: Eating/grazing (41)(Amy)
#2: Going potty (25)(Greg)

Donaldsons: Giving birth (#4- 11), running through field, mating (BA- 2), sleeping (16)- SWEEP

TRIPLE: Name something that every yr. that you wait until the last minute to do:

#2: Christmas shopping (26)(Scott)
X- Diet (Dagmar)

Donaldsons: Pay taxes (TA- 56), buy anniv. gifts, Christmas cards, clean home (BA- 3) & pay car note
Nancy Steal to W or L Feud: Physical (Other BA: Birthday card/gift)

#1: Acc. to women on the scale, how much of a shopaholic are you?
#2: Something many women wear in a size too small.
#3: A kind of place to which people bring flowers.
#4: A device used for cutting.
#5: Someone who wears a cape.

Amy: 10 (13), pants (39), wedding (8), (electric) knife (45) & Superman (37)
Scott: 9 (11), bra (34), funeral (38), saw & BATMAN
Unsaid #1: 8


Comments on: "“Family Feud” 5/12/11" (1)

  1. jpgenius said:

    FINALLY! The Donaldsons win the big money! And now for the 🚗…

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