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“Ca$h Cab” 3/10/11

G1: Gina & Anna (116th & 3rd)(BtG: 48)

#1: In ’10 Research in Motion tried to “fire up” its fans by introducing what touchscreen Blackberry smartphone to the U.S.
RLC: In the 2009 fiscal yr., the highest number of newly-naturalized Americans were from Mexico & four Asian nations- name those four.
India, Philippines, Vietnam & China
#2: Putting the tan in “black and tan”, what ale adorned w/ a red triangle earned the first British trademark?
#3: In a game of Texas Hold ‘Em, Oedipus Rex is slang for having a Queen & what other card in the hole?
FQ: What addictive webcam site was founded by 17-yr.-old Andrey Ternovskiy in ’09?
FA: Chatroulette ($850)

DR: Brian Pitts (McSorley’s)(BtG: 46)

#1: About $25 an ounce, plastic bags of burnt fronds are commonly purchased by churches to prepare for what Catholic holiday?
Easter (A: Ash Wednesday)
#2: What automaker’s Type 2 minibus was often referred to as the “Hippie Van”?
#3: Pyrite is a relatively-worthless mineral known by what nickname?
Fool’s gold
#4: Named for a mythical warrior, what tendon of the lower leg does much of the heavy lifting when a person’s standing on his toes?

#1: Acc. to one explanation, what standard military exclamation’s a shortened version of “Heard, understood, acknowleged”?
#2: To retain their rigidity, what constrictive garments for women were often reinforced w/ whalebone in the 1800s?
#3: In ’10 what gadget blog locked horns w/ Steve Jobs over its purchase of a lost Apple iPhone prototype?
MSO: Jimmy Keen
#4: From the Latin for “foreign”, what term was once used to refer to the pirate-infested coast of North Africa?
Vandals Coast (A: The Barbary Coast)

#1: Inundating the inboxes of Democrats in 2008, who was Barack Obama’s Chief Campaign Mgr. for his Presidential run?
FA: Joe Amonte (A: David Plouffe)

G3: Melissa, Jen, Rebecca & John (17th & 5th)(BtG: 38)

#1: Meaning “rough” in French, what term’s commonly used to designate dry bottles of champagne?
RLC: In 2007 Britain’s Total Film magazine published a list of the 100 greatest movie directors of all-time. Name four of their top five on the list.
Scorsese, Hitchcock, Spielberg & Coppola (Other: Howard Hawks)
#2: Acc. to a WebMD article, what Bee Gees soundtrack song sets the proper pace for CPS chest compressions?
“Stayin’ Alive”
#3: Passing up Luxembourg, Snoop Dogg attempted to rent what tiny Alpine nation in its entirety for a ’10 video shoot?
Switzerland (A: Liechtenstein)
#4: Originally called Sextillus, what month was named after the adopted sun of Julius Caesar?
June (A: August)

#1: The subject of a Foreigner song, the perception problem Diplopia is more commonly known as what?
Double vision
FQ: In the game of golf, an eagle’s two strokes under par, while what symbolic seabird’s three under par?
MSO: Paul
FA: Albatross ($1050)


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