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FF: Francis Valente, Rebecca Calderon, Calvin Ford & Bridget O’Malley
IUFB #1: BODY GLOVE pkg. (J at SS)

FRANCIS: 1325/REBECCA: 1785/CALVIN: 1495/BRIDGET: 1786

ARP: $1,…880- Bridget played MYM for the klean kanteen (R), 3pc k.s. luggage (R) & a trip to Ka’anapali Beach Hotel (A).
NL: 532592431
G: 532529431L

5. Bessie Bray
IUFB #2: Microsoft Surface tablet + stylus (ceiling)

Francis: 590/Rebecca: 685/Calvin: 901/BESSIE: 900

Calvin’s next gift could’ve been a MINI Cooper Countryman (Std., Paint, Premium, 17″ 5-Star Wheels)(A) if he got one over on TTM.
RP: $19,980, $21,115, $22,325, $23,623 (ARP: $26K)(NP: $25,037 & $26,451)

6. Janice Remland
IUFB #3: PS4 pkg. (R in Clam)

Francis: 550/Rebecca: 1/JANICE: 575/Bessie: 799

That was $920, so Bessie played VoP for a $6,692 Furn. of America L.R. pkg. + the POSTMATES credit.
I: JELL-O, Del Monte green beans & Blue Diamond Nut-Thins

JELL-O: X7 = $13.93
Green beans: X5 = $11.45
Nut-Thins: X3 = $8.97

SCSD #1:
Janice: 55 + 70
Calvin: 20 + 85
Bridget: DIME

7. James Marcinosis
IUFB #4: Hyatt Palm Springs WG (J at #5)

Francis: 1800/Rebecca: 1801/JAMES: 2200/Bessie: 2099

Rebecca tried to be right on OWP.
4prs Penny Luck/COACH shoes (A): $3576
MacBook Pro + speakers (ladies): $1201- W ($2229)

8. Jacey Berg
IUFB #5: Gas range + 8pc Chantal cookware (A at RS)

Francis: 1200/JACEY: 950/James: 1199/Bessie: 951

James played the shell game for, if nothing else, a trip to the Schloss Elmau Luxury Spa Retreat (J at #4) valued at $13,698.

Sunbeam 1600w steam iron ($45): H– #4
Oster panini press/grioll ($70): H
HOMEDICS white noise machine ($59): H– #2
Breville juicer ($125): H– #1

FINAL PLAYER: Geneva Schroder
FINAL IUFB: SONY car stereo (R)

GENEVA: 800/Jacey: 1350/James: 999/Bessie: 1002

Bessie received the MG for the maZDa3 HB (Std., Mat, FabProt)(J).


$310 (got the front right away but MAXED-OUT of the PG right after)

SCSD #2:
Bessie ($1,555): .65
Rebeca ($8,900): 20 + 45 = .65
Francis ($16,187): 40 + QUARTER = .65

B: $1K (BS: .45)
R: .55
F: .95

In front of CR- 4prs Tom Ford sunglasses (A)
#4- Costa Caribbean cruise
#3- Hyundai Accent (R)


L- Pairs of Huawei smart watches & smartphones (R)
R- 5n at S.F. Marriott Marquis
I- Jeep Patriot X (J)



Comments on: "“The Price is Right” 6/23/17" (3)

  1. Ismael Gomez said:

    Terrible episode today. 2 pricing game were won, both car games were screwed up and two redeemed contestants made it to the showcase. What do you say, Ant1988?
    Grade: D+
    Weekly Grade: B+

    • Ismael Gomez said:

      I already said you’re supposed to go overbid.

      • Ant1988 said:

        An Awful Show. today. No Car winner in PG resulting in its dismal show. 2 Games won + a Car in the Showcase

        My rating: 2
        Weekly rating: 7

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