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“The Wall” 6/22

T: Aaryn & Milton (BAL, MD)

#1: What’s the birth name of the singer/songwriter known as The Weeknd (who’s now dating Selena Gomez)- Cain or Abel?
Cain– BOTH 100s/1 ON THE FURTHEST R (starting w/ this ep., landed-on slots light up blue in this rd. just before finding out if the answer’s right or not)
#2: One of the world’s most famous surfing destinations is Bondi Beach, located in which city- Sydney or Honolulu?
Honolulu– 1 ON THE FURTHEST L/1 JUST L OF 25K/10 (R)
#3: The soles of Christian Louboutin shoes are traditionally what color- red or white?
#4: Soho’s a NYC neighborhood that gets its name from being south of which street- Hobart or Houston?
Houston– 20K (L)/1 (JUST R OF 25K)/5K (R)
#5: One of the characters in “The Little Mermaid” was a red crab named which of the following- Sebastian or Flounder?
Sebastian– 20K (L)/BOTH 10Ks = $65,004

R2 Freebies (#5 & #7): 1 (R OF 50K)/125K = $190,005

#1 (#4): In “The Hangover Part II”, which actor played a character who got a face tattoo similar to Mike Tyson’s- Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms or Zach Galifianakis?
Ed Helms– 1 (FURTHEST R)
#2 (#5- DOUBLE): Featuring over 500 launchings over the course of nine days, the world’s largest hot air balloon festival takes place every October in which U.S. state- AZ, CO or NM?
AZ (A: NM)- 50K/125K
#3 (#4- TRIPLE): Which of the following dishes WASN’T mentioned in “That’s Amore”- Pasta Fazool, Pizza or Fettuccine?
Fettuccine– 5K/50K/100 (R) = $70,106

End-of-R2 Deductions: 1 (IN BETWEEN 25K/50K)/100 (R) = $70,005

R3 Freebies:
#7- 100 (R)
#2- 50K
#5- 400K = $1,520,105

#1 (#2): An annual tradition in Japan is gathering to watch the blooming of the Sakura, or cherry blossoms. A popular viewing spot’s Maruyama Park, located in what city that served as Japan’s capital for over 1K yrs.- Sapporo, Okinawa, Nagano or Kyoto?
Sapporo (A: Kyoto)- 300K
#2 (#6- DOUBLE): Oprah famously kicked off the 19th season of her talk show by giving everyone in the studio audience their own car. The model audience members received was a G6 from which make of car- Ford, Dodge, Toyota or Pontiac?
Pontiac– 400K/10 (R)
#3 (#3): Currently housed at the British Museum, the Rosetta Stone’s an artifact inscribed w/ Egyptian hieroglyphics in two different forms & words in which other language- Latin, Greek, Hebrew or Aramaic?
Hebrew (A: Greek)- 100K

End-of-R3 Deductions:
#7- 10 (IN BETWEEN 400K/500K)
#6- 500K
#2- 10 (IN BETWEEN 100K/200K)
#5- 500K = $520,095


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