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“Ca$h Cab” 3/8/11

G1: Liyin & May (Irving Place on 18th & Irving)(BtG: 38)

DR: Jim, Joanne & Lauren (Patsy’s)(BtG: 49)

#1: When young, some koalas have the smell of cough drops due to their diet of what leafy tree?
#2: Based on ruins found in Chester, England, what circular structure from Arthurian legend may have seated up to 1,000?
#3: In ’10 The Village People released a statement decrying what organization’s decision to drop the last three letters of its name?
#4: Unveiled by Microsoft in ’09, what search engine’s name alludes to the sound that goes off in your head in the moment of discovery?

#1: Located deep in the Arctic Circle, Svalbard is home to a global vault that stores over 400K samples of what?
Ice (A: Seeds)
#2: Bearing a strong resemblance to Annette Benning, “The Torch Lady” appears in the logo of what film production co.?
#3: Dubbed “Big Sister” by conservatives, what AZ governor became Secretary of Homeland Security in 2009?
Janet Napolitano
#4: In medicine, what term refers to the randomly-shaped deposits that drift around in the vitreous fluid of the eye?

Sole $400 Q: Exemplified by Gopher on “The Love Boat”, the person in charge of handling money aboard a ship has what title?
FA: Purser ($1200)

G3: Ryan & Jean (57th & 5th)(BtG: 33)

#1: What application achieved 80M facebook users in ’10?
#2: The fashion adviser to the future King George IV, George Bryan Brummell commonly went by what first name?
#3: Acc. to some grammar snobs, what classic Apple slogan misused an adjective as an adverb?
X (A: “Think different”)
#4: What Italian liqueur’s made by infusing alcohol w/ the outer rinds of lemons?
Grappa (A: Limoncello)

Sole $200 Q: Familiar to fans of the film “War Games”, what defense alliance was headquartered deep within Colorado’s Cheyenne Mountain?
FA: Norad


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