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“Ca$h Cab” 3/15/11

G1: Jill, Tess & Michael Harrison (98th & 3rd)(BtG: 38)

#1: To check a claim by a former mate, what chess prodigy’s body was exhumed in 2010 for DNA testing?
Bobby Fischer
#2: Played w/ baskets & a pelota, what high-speed sport’s popular w/ crossword constructors due to its many vowels?
X (A: Jai Alai)
#3: A subversive feminist tale, the 1926 novel Lolly Willowes was the first selection in what mail order service?
Mail Order Bride Catalog (A: Book of the Month Club)
#4: In 2010 Procter & Gamble donated thousands of bottles of what dish soap to clean birds during the BP oil spill?
RLC: In 2009 Forbes ranked the most valuable franchises in the NBA- name the top five teams on that list.
Knicks, Lakers, Cavaliers, Pistons & Bulls

#1: Using fiber-optic technology, what tube-like instrument allows surgeons to examine & treat the inside of a joint?
Laparoscope (A: Arthroscope)

G2: Shadi & Debbie (55th between Park & Madison)(BtG: 36)

#1: Based on boundaries drawn in the 1800s, the city of New Orleans is divided into 17 electoral districts called what?
Fiefdoms (A: Wards)
#2: SONY announced plans to discontinue what 3.5in computer data storage device in ’11?
Floppy disk
#3: In the classic board game Clue, what high-ranking suspect was represented by the yellow token?
Colonel Mustard
#4: After the 2006 midterm elections, what CA congresswoman became 2nd in the line of Presidential succession?
Nancy Pelosi

#1: Parodied on “SNL”, what pulsating dumbbells promised results based on the principle of dynamic inertia?
Muscle Grip (A: Shake Weights)
#2: As implied by its name, what common marsh-loving plant bears flowering spikes that resemble a feline body part?
#3: The creator of the Narnia series, what author’s death on 11/22/1963 was overshadowed by the JFK assassination?
C.S. Lewis
FQ: Because of its ability to walk on water, the basilisk lizard’s often referred to by what other name?
MSO: Dan Kovitch
FA: Jesus Lizard

DR: Celeste, Christian & Jim (103rd & Amsterdam)(BtG: 39)

#1: Recently sold for over $1M, Detective Comics No. 27 marked the 1st appearance of what caped Gotham crusader?
#2: When introduced to China, what famous KFC slogan was mistranslated as “Eat your fingers off”?
“Finger-lickin’ good”
#3: In a ’10 redesign, what route-planning website rolled out a simpler interface & a sleek logo w/ the letters MQ?
#4: Prior to 1862, U.S. Navy handbooks included guidelines for what one-on-one form of conflict resolution?
Wrestling (A: Dueling)

#1: What standard police surveillance method’s dubbed a Code 5 on the radio?
#2: Meaning “to blindly follow authority”, what expression alludes to the infamous Jonestown Massacre of 1978?
Drinking the Kool-Aid
#3: As suggested by its name, what type of drinking glass once had a rounded base that caused it to easily tip over?
MSO: Andrew (Christian’s brother)
Highball (A: Tumbler)
RLC: Acc. to DoD figures, nine wars before the yr. 2000 resulted in over 2K American casualties- name eight of ’em.
Civil War, Vietnam, WWII, WWI, Korean War, Spanish-American War, Revolutionary & War of 1812 (Other: Mexican-American)
#4: Immortalized in the song “Mr. Bojangles”, what Vaudevillian style of tap dancing’s performed w/o metal taps?

Sole $400 Q: Considered the father of benefit concerts, George Harrison’s ’71 show at Madison Square Garden raised money for what Asian nation?
FA: Bangladesh ($1800)


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