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FF: Pamala Ridge, Deshaun Garner, Kayla Fox & Noah Huyler
IUFB #1: Canon EOS Rebel camera (ceiling)

PAMALA: 800/DESHAUN: 1200/KAYLA: 1250/NOAH: 1251

Pamala will warm up to the idea of winning the Firetainment table group & a trip to the Center Hotel (G) worth $14,625 if she can make Tic-Tac-Price on SX.
F: T-L

Acu-Rite weather station ($73 or $110): $110
Cooler/warmer ($130 or $200): $130– B-L

5. Pateser Jackson
IUFB #2: Hamilton Beach appliances + wooden island (R at SS)

PATESER: 1150/Deshaun: 900/Kayla: 550/Noah: 1

ARP: $1,…264- Pateser already gets to play the Bargain Game for the hp 32″ desktop + Canon printer and VIVE VR headset (G) & GUCCI shoes.
Computer/VR pkg. ($2009): $500- L
GUCCI shoes ($2515): $1200

6. Wesley Fent (who I saw in the intro)
IUFB #3: ASUNA elliptical (G at RS)

WESLEY: 899/Deshaun: 700/Kayla: 925/Noah: 1

Wesley missed the bonus by a buck, but will play P¢ for the ’17 Ford Focus SE (Std., Paint, AT, Sealer).
RN: 0, 3, 4, 5 & 8

2nd: 4, 3, 5, 0 (#19)
3rd: 8 (#9)
M-O THE REST OF THE WAY (Final Two E’s: #7 & #2)

#19: H-D
#9: $2! (The rest: QUARTER & DIME)

SCSD #1:
Pateser: .95
Pamala ($1,329): $1K (BS: T.Q.)
Wesley ($21,743): 80 + H-D

7. Ashley Brewer
IUFB #4: Gosia Meyer jewelry (G in CR)

ASHLEY: 1.5K/Deshaun: 1400/Kayla: 1650/Noah: 1

ARP: Only $598- Noah has an opportunity to play F-F for a holiday at the Auberge Du Vin (#4).
G: FLIPS (8635)- W

8. Lucille Banks
IUFB #5: SAMSUNG smartphone + mount (R)

Ashley: 399/Deshaun: 700/Kayla: 701/LUCILLE: 699

Again, NO bonus even though the price ended in -00 ($800 this time) & in the case of Kayla, her PG’s LeU for the ’17 Toyota Yaris (Std., Mats, Net).

_: $23- Glass beverage bottle
_: $780- Car washes for yr.

T1: $18,379- EXACTLY

FINAL PLAYER: Steve Harris
FINAL IUFB: Danby wine cellar (G at #5)

Ashley: 1.5K/Deshaun: 1/STEVE: 2100/Lucille: 1699

Lucille will have $10K put in her “Bank” by winning the ol’ Grand Game ($3.5).
I: Clabber Girl cornstarch, Silk almond milk, Dixie mini-cups, Cracker Jack, Aspercreme applicator & Princella cut sweet potatoes

$10: Sweet potatoes
$100: Almond milk
$1K: Cornstarch
$10K: Cracker Jack ($2.29)

SCSD #2:
Noah ($9,233): 20 + 55 = T.Q.
Lucille ($11,999): 35 + 20 = .55
Kayla ($20,847): 20 X5 (BS: QUARTER)

#1- Theater rm. & trip to The Westin Whistler (G)
#2- ’17 maZDa3 HB


L- COLE HAAN apparel (R)
I- Trips to Boutique Hotel Seven Days & Shiba Park Hotel (G)

BID ON TRIPCASE: $21K- L (ARP: $27,421)


Comments on: "“The Price is Right”- FINAL TAPED EP. OF S45" (5)

  1. Ismael Gomez said:

    Good episode today. Even both car games were won and another car won in the showcase. Pat Sajak was on a Colonial Penn commercial during today’s episode. In this case, it’s a shoe department one where an employee says Pat, I would like to solve the puzzle.
    Today’s FFBC contestant: Deshaun
    Grade: A-

  2. Ant1988 said:

    What a Great Show. 4 Games won. Amazing with Both Car Games won plus $10K on Grand Game and a Perfect Second Half. (Pocket Change Losing Streak is Over). One More Car was won in the Showcase resulting in Pamela to be a 2 Car winner!

    My rating: 9

  3. two drought is over here

    pocket change losing streak is over(7 games), and ties high score($3.10 for 10/25/11)
    first LeU victor also winning the SC Rd. since 1/23/2009
    source : http://www.qwizx.com/tpirepguide/?p=2106

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