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Lakeisha (EC at high school)
James (EC in OKC)
Kelsey (LC in Rockland, ME)
Ben (farmer, founder & chef/owner in CLE, OH)
J: Simon

R1: Waffle breakfast sandwich

A #1:
#1: Egg table prep station- BEN ($9900)(Kelsey & James)
#2: Cook waffles in pan & cook everything else in waffle maker- JAMES ($17,900)(Kelsey)
#3: Had to choose one of two ingredients Waffle Bob was holding each time to replace the ingredients they got in their shopping- LAKEISHA ($17,300)(Ben)
TOAST 1ST- James

R2: Korean BBQ

A #2:
#1: Crowded table (COULDN’T touch any of the Bobs’ spoons)- KELSEY ($15K)
#2: American side dishes in place of their ingredients- LAKEISHA ($8800)(Kelsey)
#3: Twirl purple ribbon for rest of rd.- KELSEY ($14.5K)(Ben)

FR: Gelato & pizzelle

A #3:
#1: Use only the tools attached to a statue- LAKEISHA ($600)
#2: Harvest ingredients from pizzas- KELSEY ($13,800)


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