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“Ca$h Cab” 3/4/11

G1: Linda & Barbara (Blue Smoke on Lexington & 27th)(BtG: 31)

#1: In 2002 what eco-friendly organization wrestled the initials WWF from the World Wrestling Federation?
World Wildlife Fund
#2: Sharing its name w/ a Caribbean island, what blue liqueur adds an orange kick to Mai Tai cocktails?
Virgin Islands (A: Curacao)
#3: Borrowed from The Three Musketeers, what slogan of solidarity’s the traditional motto of Switzerland?
“One for all and all for one”
#4: Under the terms of its 1845 annexation, what U.S. state was given the right to divide itself into five smaller states?

Sole $200 Q: Although its name suggests otherwise, what famous 563-carat sapphire was actually mined in the nation of Sri Lanka?
FA: Hope Diamond (A: Star of India)

DR: Dan (7th & Charles)(BtG: 40)

#1: Appropriated in ’10 by Hillary Clinton, MoTB is an abbrev. for what role in a wedding?
Mother of the bride
#2: Measuring up to 20in in diameter, what part of a whale’s anatomy is analogous to the human nostril?
#3: In Olympic swimming, what stroke requires competitors to start from inside the pool, NOT the diving blocks?
#4: In 2006 an avatar named Anshe Chung amassed 1M real dollars by buying up property in what virtual world?
“World of Warcraft” (A: “Second Life”)

#1: Familiar to fans of “LOONEY TUNES”, what Australian marsupial has the strongest bite on a per-lb. basis?
Tasmanian Devil
#2: Succeeding SPALDING, what sports equip. co. became the official supplier of MLB in ’77?
RLC: Acc. to Britannica.com, the region of Kurdistan’s divided among five different countries- name four of these five nations.
Turkey, Iraq, Syria & Iran (Leftover: Armenia)
#3: Captured by Pizarro in 1532, Atahualpa was the last leader of what South American empire?
#4: Nicknamed “Slowhand”, what legendary guitarist’s the only three-time inductee of the Rock ‘N Roll HoF?
Eric Clapton

#1: Founded in 1664 in Normandy, what famed order of monks was known for the beers that it brewed inside monastery walls?
#2: Reported in 50% of young children, Somniloquy is an involuntary habit more commonly known as what?
Talking in your sleep
FQ: Also a Malcolm Gladwell book, what’s the statistical term for data points that stray far from the rest of the pack?
FA: Outliers ($2800)

G3: Leslie, Stephanie, Jac & David (14th & 8th)(BtG: 43)

#1: Orig. called Blue Ribbon Sports, what shoe co. took off when a track coach poured rubber into a waffle iron?
asics (A: NIKE)
#2: A well-known rival of Standard & Poor’s, what credit rating agency started out grading railroad stocks in 1909?
FQ: Called “Avennio” by the Romans, what city in the south of France was home to seven popes in the 1300s?

VB: These bighorn sheep are butting heads in order to establish a hierarchy before the all-important mating season. What’s the term for the mating season for these horned beasts & other antlered animals?
FA: Truffling (A: Rutting)


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