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“Ca$h Cab” 3/3/11

G1: Adam (59th & 6th)(BtG: 32)

#1: Named for the Greek word for “rainbow”, what part of your eye expands & contracts to control the influx of light?
#2: What variety of bicycle’s designed to make it IMPOSSIBLE to coast?
TREK (A: Fixed gear)
#3: Inspiring material for Don Quixote, what Spanish author spent five yrs. in slavery after being captured by Algerian pirates?
Dos Passos (A: Cervantes)
#4: Similar in diameter to spaghetti, what buckwheat noodles are traditionally eaten on New Yr.’s Eve in Japan?

#1: Acc. to The New York Times, what longtime host of “The Joy of Painting” had a voice that was the equivalent of demerol?
Bob Ross
FQ: Hired by Darth Vader, what masked bounty hunter did Wired name “The greatest minor character in geek fiction”?
FA: Boba Fett ($800)

G2: Robert, Paul & Ricky (2nd & A)(BtG: 50)

G3: Phil Ashby & Khakasa Wapenyi (Bedford between Grove & Barrow)(BtG: 41)

#1: What weed has a crustacean-inspired name that alludes to the low & sprawling manner in which it grows?
#2: On his 2010 visit to Silicon Valley, what foreign president opened a twitter account w/ the handle “Kremlin Russia”?
(Dmitry) Medvedev
#3: Similar to “Senorita” in Spanish, what German word literally means “little woman”?
#4: Also a famous dish at Denny’s (& a kind of home run in baseball), what do mountaineers call the feat of reaching the North Pole, South Pole & ALL seven summits?
Full stack

#1: Also an iconic ’85 movie, what weather-related phenomenon causes the top of a ship’s mast to glow bright-blue?
MSO: Miguel
“St. Elmo’s Fire”
RLC: As determined by askmen.com, name the top five American sportscar models of all-time.
Pontiac GTO, Chevrolet Corvette, Mustang, T-Bird & X (Unsaid: Camaro)
FQ: Abbrev. ULC, what controversial church ordains up to 10K ministers per month, mostly on the Internet?
FA: United Lutheran Church (A: Universal Life Church)


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