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“Fear Factor” 6/20

BtB: One teammate would enter passcodes on each of three computer screens- while s/he dealt w/ each passcode, their partner would hold something nasty in their mouth; they could spit out that creature when a passcode was entered correctly. They switched roles on the 2nd passcode, but BOTH would have to hold an evil thing for the 3rd passcode.
Amanda & Chris (former coworkers): SHE WITHDREW
Daniel & Aqel: 4:33
Jennie & Hanna: 6:03
Brynne & Jerry: 4:50 (Daniel & Aqel also won a $1K bonus)

FYF: Each pairing would have an opportunity at drinking as much water as they could in a box until either teammate tapped out (also, one teammate would have to give up their cellphone- this DIDN’T apply to Daniel & Aqel because they won the Fear-vantage).
J&H: 3:24
D&A: 3:18

TFF: While hanging on the car carriers, the competitors would collect eight letters & get inside a Ford Crown Victoria to unscramble those letters- however, the word they were going for only had six letters (FACTOR). As soon as they solved it, the ignition would go on & they could drive to the finish line.
D&A: 2:05
J&H: 1:35


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  1. Do you know if brynne has any social media accounts?

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