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RETURNED: Haley, Aidan Friedson (12- 12/8/15)(BNX), Emma & Jack P.
J: Marc, Maneet & Dale

A: Jonah crab claws, red finger chiles, pomelo & Parker House rolls
Jack: Deconstructed Po’boy crostini w/ pickled apple & finger chile slaw
Emma: Pomelo & crab salad on a toasted garlic Parker House roll
Aidan: Jonah crab & purple potato chips
Haley: Crab tacos & pomelo tomato salsa w/ Mexican crema sauce
C- Emma

E: Venison tenderloin, micro pea greens, Maitake mushrooms & cheesy tortilla chips
Jack: Pan-seared venison tenderloin w/ chimichurri salt-roasted potatoes
Haley: Cheesy pan-seared venison w/ fried potatoes & micro pea greens salad
Aidan: Pan-seared venison & micro pea greens salad w/ compound butter
C- Haley

D: Fruit lasagna, passion fruit, lime leaves & candied ginger
Jack: Berry & meringue tart w/ passion fruit mascarpone I.C.
Aidan: Raspberry cake w/ tropical W.C. & bacon-jalapeno candy


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