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“Chopped” 6/20/17

Felix Castro (exec. pastry chef at Toloache & Tacuba whose mom passed away when she was only 13)
Scott Maki (Feelings Cafe EC in N.O. who grew up in MI)
Greg Power (Pier A Harbor House EC)
Ashley Jonique (priv. chef in N.O.)
J: Scott, Alex & Amanda

A: Crawfish tails, peas, processed cheese & vegetable-infused vodka
Felix: Crawfish tail & pea wonton w/ spicy cheese & vodka dipping sauce
Scott: Open-faced croque monsieur w/ gardinera salad
Ashley: Crawfish pasta Orleans
Greg: Cajun crawfish & chorizo dip w/ cheese sauce- C DUE TO CUTTING A FINGER

E: Goat chops, petite garlic w/ greens, pickled string beans & root beer barrel candy
Scott: Seared goat chop w/ asparagus radicchio hash
Ashley: Grilled goat chop w/ green bean hash & root beer molasses sauce
Felix: Roasted goat w/ sweet potato-miso puree & tempura string beans
C- Ashley

D: Zucchini, caramel popcorn w/ peanuts, yuzu juice & Manchego
Felix: Flourless cake w/ Manchego-zucchini I.C. & yuzu sauce
Scott: Zucchini & Manchego fritter w/ yuzu mascarpone
W- Scott


Comments on: "“Chopped” 6/20/17" (1)

  1. Frances said:

    I think Felix should have won chopped. Obviously he won the entree and dessert round. The judges also know he should have won why did they give it to Scott? His dessert was horrible. They complained his batter was bad and his s whipped cream wasn’t good. For Felix they only complained about his sauce. Them for the entree round for Scott they complained about the vegetables that had too much vodka. And also had one complained for Felix too which was just miso in his potatoes. So tell me how come Scott won when his mistake was prevalent.

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